A duet with a beautiful soul..Shruti Fatehpuria from A Shade of Pen..An amazing writer who wows me with every single piece of her write..This is my attempt to recreate the magic with her.. ๐Ÿ™‚


Another day has begun..

Will the cycle tirelessly repeat?

Or will the new sun break the pattern that is endless?

Will those feelings go away??

Or will they still fill my mind?

Will I still be bound by your memories?

Or shall I look into a new sunrise..?

So many questions..

So few answers..!

The puzzle baffles me..

And yet I walk..

Hoping time will heal..time will tell..

The roads ahead that are waiting for me..!

I donโ€™t know if I want to meet you again in this journey of Life..

I donโ€™t even know if I want to move ahead..!


As of now, I am weighed down..

With all those unanswered questions..

Walking like a dead..!

Lifeless and lonely..I have no one to blame..

I walk along the dusty miles..Unaware of the ones I left..

Trapped in my memories and broken with my loss..!!

I look for a ray of hope..

That will guide me to a brighter place..

Where there would be less of sorrow..!

Less of your memories..

And more of my own space..

Where I can think to live once again..

Dream once again..!

I am not yet done, my story isn’t over..

There is more to me than what meets your eye!

I will walk till the end to kill the demon of hate..

And once again trace back the roads..

To the place I truly belong..

I will be back as a free bird..

With the entire sky before me..

Where once again the hope will gleam..

ย Where once again I will live my dreams..!

ย autumn_wishes