Over the time I have realized that..its not always about time..but all about PRIORITIES..

Its not about the inner feelings that you have..its all about showing them out to your loved ones..

Its not about how well u could or u did perform..its all about the outcome and results..

Its not about staying away from life’s attractions while all others seem to be swayed away by it..its all about your morals, your principles and your respect for them..



Its not about the different paths u can track upon..its all about choosing the right one..

Its not about supporting or going against your family and loved ones..its all about supporting d truth without fearing the outcome..

Its not about those thousand trials..its all about that one FINAL thing..

Its not about staying far away from ur loved ones..its all about being connected despite the distance..



Its not about what others think, feel and say about u..its all about how “U” feel about yourself..

Its not about those thousand people who think u can’t do it..its all about that “ONE” who believes that u can..

Its not about the times when people start thinking that u are wrong..its all about when u start doubting yourself..

Its not about the moments that broke u down..its all about the moments when u stand up and fight back..


Its not about the number of times others made u cry..its all about the number of times u wiped the tears o f d ones who made u cry..

Its not about the scenario or situation which makes u doubt a person..its all about the TRUST  u still have on him..

Its not about speaking and supporting on social issues..its all about ur participation and involvement in making the world a better place to live..

Its not about getting prepared for the worst when u still have little hope in the heart..its all about your attitude when u actually face that worst!!



Its not about giving all those lectures n gyaan to others when they mess up..its all about applying them in those critical times in your own life..

Its not about remembering the Almighty in times of pleasure and pain..its all about believing in His existence..

Its not about dressing up right and looking ur best..its all about having those right feelings in your heart..

Its not about passing moments between “I HATE U” to “I LOVE U”..its all about travelling the journey VICE-VERSA..



Its not about meeting hundreds of people everyday..its all about finding that “special one”..

Its not about getting that one big surprise on one special day..its all about those several little things everyday that keep u happy throughout..

Its not about penning down whatever u feel..its all about connecting with your thoughts..

In the end..its not about breathing or existing or even surviving..its all about LIVING..!! :):)