Every drop that falls from the sky,

Brings a smile on my face..

I sit and watch the raindrops fall,

It reminds me of the good old days.. 🙂


Days when we were proud owners of the paper boats,

Days when splashing in the puddles full of mud was fun..

Days when worries and responsibilities were few,

(not that there are many now..but still)

Days when all we did was eat, sleep and run 🙂


It brings the memories of school and college days..

When those sprinkles and showers brought a feeling so soothing..!

When sitting on the roadside and having a cup of tea with friends..

was an absolute HEAVENLY feeling….!



The downpour makes me feel happy and elated..

and bang I go to sing and dance in the rain.. 🙂

Try loosening yourself and getting drenched at-least once,

and you too, like me, will love the rain 😀 😀

“Some people feel the rain..others just get wet”

                                                                 Bob Marley

Image source : Google Images.