A diamante is a style of poetry that is made up of seven lines. The text forms the shape of a diamond (◊).


Detest and Dislike

Objecting, Irritating, Resenting

Abhorrence, Grievance, Friendship, Delight

Respecting, Appreciating, Admiring

Passionate and Pure


The Diamante Poem is arranged In a diamond pattern using seven lines based on two contrasting ideas :

1. Line 1 and Line 7 are one word that growing out of or opposites to each other (noun)

2. Line 2 and Line 6 are the two adjectives describing the noun in Line 1.

3. Line 3 and Line 5 ate the three participles ending in -ing or -ed to describe the noun in Line 1.

4. Line 4, the turning point, contains four words – two related to the noun in Line 1 and two related to the noun in Line 7; they may be arranged concurrently or alternately, as the originator of the poem wishes.