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WordPress Family Award :D

Another one! yaaayyyyyy! There is something about these awards that excites me 🙂 It makes me happy..very happy..I would like to thank Deepa for this one! She has a beautiful blog..Click here to read more about her inspiring stories! wordpressfamilyaward-www-inspiringevolution-wordpress-com

I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog and liked it so far! I absolutely love this blog world!

I would like to pass this on to every blogger friend. Everyone deserves a warm welcome and appreciation..

So feel free to tag yourself for this award from my end.. 🙂 🙂


Keep smiling 😀


This was written as an inspiration for Mondays..A part of project #InspirationalMondays started by a very talented blogger friend Hayley. Check out The Ramblings of a London Girl here 🙂

I hope it inspires you too!


23716_484049764978920_23401790_nLife takes a way a lot from us,
But it indeed gives us a lot more in return..
We often fail to realize it today,
And overlook that we get so much to learn..!

Eventually when we have happy days again,
we do realize, that after all life isn’t that bad..
And the day we do, we laugh at our own foolishness,
And thinking about it, we again become sad..

Of ‘course life is not easy,
But who, ever, said it would be..?
Getting through the tough times bravely,
And smiling throughout is the real key..! :)

Learn to see the brighter side of it today..
Live it, Love it..and more so Value it..
Stay strong during those troublesome times,
And you will soon realize that Life is WORTH IT :)

Be thankful for all those :

NIGHTS that turned into MORNINGS..
FRIENDS who turned into FAMILY..
DREAMS that turned into REALITY..
LIKES that turned into LOVE..

Each day I am thankful for:

NIGHTS that turned into MORNINGS,

friends that turned into FAMILY,

dreams that turned into REALITY,

and likes that turned into LOVE.

Past – is gone,
Future- you cannot predict..
Today – It is God’s gift..and that’s why its called PRESENT.. :)

Live it..Love it..and Life will love you back even more :)
Lets begin the week with this positivity and life will seem to be easier and brighter :)

Keep smiling and keep shining :) :)