I opened my eyes with the sun light gleaming on me,

I felt its warmth with a bit of a sting, then I realized it was of a bee..

a realization struck me, of where I was and where I have been,

my thoughts came back and now I wasn’t too keen..!!


A flashback started in my mind and heart,

Flashing the different phases of my life from the start..

Remembering all those good and bad days of life,

I realized that my life has been quite a strife..!!


I remembered my life as a downtown boy,

happy and careless, enjoying with my toy..

I used to sit in my mother’s lap,

she used to happily sing me to a nap..!


My little sister was a bundle of joy,

I could never see tears in her eye..

Her smile made me happy and merrier,

All in all, we were great together.. 🙂 


Rushed through me the memories, when I saw mother cried,

that day the blood in my veins had dried..

I was told about my father whom I never saw

I was told he was a agent of RAW..!!

He had devoted his life in saving Mother Earth,

All I understood was that a life spent for people’s welfare, is a life spent worth..

He hardly had much time for us and my mom..

Who kept waiting for him to come home..!! 😦


Throughout my life I saw my mother suffer in pride,

Because she was a dead soldiers’ bride..

everyone around always had loads to show as pity,

but nothing to help in our household’s nitty gritty..!! 


After my dad, things were pretty tough,

We were walking on life’s road that was hard and rough..

My mother still never showed us the pain,

She protected us from both heat and rain..!!

I studied in a government school,

and I thought it was pretty cool..

as a teenager I was lean and tall,

with me no one dared pick up a brawl..! 😉


After school hours..I joined part time job for money,

And since then there was never a shortage of bread and honey..

However, there was one question that always struck me,

And that was “In life, what I really wanted to be??”


By the time I reached my 20’s, I decided,

to serve my motherland, as my father did..

while the thoughts pumped joy in my heart,

but my mother went algid showing total discomfort!!! 

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But I was firm, for I knew my aim,

I was all ready..for me it was no game..

I joined the Army..as my dad would have wanted,

to release myself of the memories that haunted..!!


P.S : There is something about army men that always inspires me..their selflessness..kindness..generosity in devoting their entire life for protecting the lives of fellow countrymen..not many have that kind of dedication towards their country..I salute all those people who stay awake all day/night keeping a watch to protect us..so that we can sleep peacefully..

Here is a duet with a friend, DG..He is an amazing writer yet to be a part of the blogosphere..
Part II of the same coming soon..keep waiting 🙂 🙂

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