There have been several days when I sit back and wonder..Am I really a writer (as many think and often say) ?? Do I really belong to THE Writer’s Club or its more of a healing therapy where I find relief through words on paper rather than vocal outbursts! Well its still a mystery for me..writing, for me, is like reading/eating/playing..its necessary to complete a day..though one  wouldn’t die without it..but living without it wouldn’t  really be LIVING!!

 I came across this beautiful piece of writing and couldn’t help sharing it..If you are one like me..who wonders and ponders over the same questions as I do, then probably this might help..


So after reading this..I came upon a conclusion that Yes..I might be a writer..albeit a crazy one..who does all the above things in the craziest possible way..want a proof? Being awake till late often, of’course the reason being the thought process which somehow forgets that it exists during the day too! So all the happenings during the day get shot in the mind through some imaginary bullet one by one..and there starts the judgement..and I take the positions of both a Lawyer and a judge deciding the fate of the thoughts! And trust me..getting stuck in the courtroom in the middle of the night defending and arguing against your own thoughts is definitely not as good as hovering in dreamland! and yep..loads of nonsensical conversations come up too, most of which never sees the light of the day!

Probably that’s how writers are..mad, crazy, insane, over-thinkers, deep..
and if that holds true, then yes..I might be a writer..for I think I am a perfect combination of madness and sanity 🙂 🙂

You think you are a writer??
Would love to hear from you 🙂