A duet with dearest  Shruti

There was a time
When we never left each other’s side..
Yet time forced us apart
Were we still tied with our heart..??


Several things happen during the day..
That remind me of you..
I couldn’t think of not being with you even for a moment..

And here I am living miles away from you..
Are we still tied with our heart, I wonder?

Just when I thought we had lost our charm
Just when I felt we had lost that spark..
Just then something inside of me stirred
And the heart silently spoke words of love..


Words that had been silent for long..
Words that I no longer knew that they existed..
Suddenly those feelings took over again..
And I was lost..in the memory of happier days..

I slowly felt the old ache again
I crave to be close again
I do not even realize
Tears silently wet my eyes


I pick up my phone but put it down again..
Thinking it has been too long..
Too long since we shared our lives ..
Too long since tears never left my eyes!

Should I leave my ego aside?
Will calling hurt my pride?
Or will this call fix everything again?
Or will my effort give me pain?

With all the courage I convince my heart..
To call you once and make a start..
I dial your number and my heart skips its beats..

Three big rings and no one picks the call
I curse myself and on my bed I fall
Finally on the fifth ring, I hear a sound
The world stands still and my head spins round..!


You ask me who I am..
and in that one moment my world spins around..
My voice gets stuck in throat..
like I was lost in darkness since ages
and was suddenly found..!

I lose all hope
I hear a voice
Is it my heart that cried?
Am I alive or have I died?

But suddenly you utter my name..confirming if its me..
The entire world seems to brighten..
My name never sounded that beautiful albeit in your husky voice!
I pinched hard to check if it was a dream


Was I lost in my own fantasy
Or was reality finally better than my dreams??
My heart raced..it almost danced in joy..
You almost scolded me for getting vanished and not being in touch..
And we were back to square one..

Those same silly fights..that same laughter..
With you, i realized, life was so much easier..
Why I didn’t call before?
Why did I let silly ego burn my mind

True love always shines bright
Like stars that glorify the night
I now wanted to forget the moments spent without you..
I completely wanted to forget that part..
For life seemed to be so much more beautiful now..


Yes, we were still tied in heart..
Nothing can take away the love
Nothing is as precious as love
Two felt the single beat
Yes, we were destined to meet 🙂

Destined to be loved..
To be together in life and death..
I promise to love you and be by your side..
Till my last breath! 🙂