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Life..Goes on..!

A duet with Shruti..
we read the first two lines somewhere as a quote
and words started to flow..

My real self wanders elsewhere, far away..
wanders on and on invisibly and has nothing to do with my life..


Wanders into places unknown..
doing the things undone..
relaxing under the serene moonlight..
waking up with the glowing sun!
living a life that’s worth..! 

And yet sometimes I come back
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of what was once my reality
And today, it remains a silhouette of 
My unfulfilled dreams..


Sometimes I sit back and wonder..
Which world is it that I want more..?
The one that makes me smile and sit back in awe..
Or the one that makes me feel down and sore..!

 I try helplessly
And still I fail
Caught in the alternating lanes
Of dreams and reality
Of truth and illusion
And I stand at the edge
Torn amidst desires and nightmares..


 I decide to go on with my life..
As the way it has been so long..
Reality during the day..
And fantasy through the night..
Living in my own world that is unknown..
singing with joy, life’s beautiful song 🙂

 I hum the happy tunes
I smile the broad smile
Only a few people know
Of the tears beneath the eyes
And the loud sound of my cry
In the dead of the night..


 I decide to build a bridge with everything that comes my way..
a tiny pebble or a big stone..
Hiding all the tears and spreading all the smiles..
That’s d way hun, my life goes on  🙂 🙂

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Tied Till The Last Breath..!

A duet with dearest  Shruti

There was a time
When we never left each other’s side..
Yet time forced us apart
Were we still tied with our heart..??


Several things happen during the day..
That remind me of you..
I couldn’t think of not being with you even for a moment..

And here I am living miles away from you..
Are we still tied with our heart, I wonder?

Just when I thought we had lost our charm
Just when I felt we had lost that spark..
Just then something inside of me stirred
And the heart silently spoke words of love..


Words that had been silent for long..
Words that I no longer knew that they existed..
Suddenly those feelings took over again..
And I was the memory of happier days..

I slowly felt the old ache again
I crave to be close again
I do not even realize
Tears silently wet my eyes


I pick up my phone but put it down again..
Thinking it has been too long..
Too long since we shared our lives ..
Too long since tears never left my eyes!

Should I leave my ego aside?
Will calling hurt my pride?
Or will this call fix everything again?
Or will my effort give me pain?

With all the courage I convince my heart..
To call you once and make a start..
I dial your number and my heart skips its beats..

Three big rings and no one picks the call
I curse myself and on my bed I fall
Finally on the fifth ring, I hear a sound
The world stands still and my head spins round..!


You ask me who I am..
and in that one moment my world spins around..
My voice gets stuck in throat..
like I was lost in darkness since ages
and was suddenly found..!

I lose all hope
I hear a voice
Is it my heart that cried?
Am I alive or have I died?

But suddenly you utter my name..confirming if its me..
The entire world seems to brighten..
My name never sounded that beautiful albeit in your husky voice!
I pinched hard to check if it was a dream


Was I lost in my own fantasy
Or was reality finally better than my dreams??
My heart almost danced in joy..
You almost scolded me for getting vanished and not being in touch..
And we were back to square one..

Those same silly fights..that same laughter..
With you, i realized, life was so much easier..
Why I didn’t call before?
Why did I let silly ego burn my mind

True love always shines bright
Like stars that glorify the night
I now wanted to forget the moments spent without you..
I completely wanted to forget that part..
For life seemed to be so much more beautiful now..


Yes, we were still tied in heart..
Nothing can take away the love
Nothing is as precious as love
Two felt the single beat
Yes, we were destined to meet 🙂

Destined to be loved..
To be together in life and death..
I promise to love you and be by your side..
Till my last breath! 🙂


The Fighter (Part II)

Here’s the continuation of dedication to the selfless army men dedicating their lives towards their countrymen..staying awake all night so that we can sleep peacefully! The link to Part I is : The Fighter (Part I)


I went down to the national defense academy..

filled in to be a part of the infantry..!

We were taught all about the enemy..

and trained in ways, to make them go to the cemetery..! 


Though the beginning turned out to be sore..

But I was always looking for more..!

I tried my best not to give up anytime..

because at this stage backing out would be a crime..!


 I met people of all kind there..

people from different strata’s of society and diff regions of our country..

together we stayed and everything we shared..

lived a life totally exemplary..!


So I went ahead..with all the severe training..

Weather no more mattered to it sunny or raining..!

With the blessings of my parents and loads of dedication..

I now felt ready to serve the nation..!

3 After the training, I was posted all over India..

a mixture of modern exhilaration and colonial aesthesia..!

my beautiful country has a breath taking sway..

for its enemy’s blood, I bay..!


Everyday we met some warriors, who had kept their lives at stake..

We were guided from their experiences, so that same mistakes, we don’t make..!

Everyday we lived, we dreamt to fight..

My family’s memories still haunted me in the night..!!


My wait for service was not too long,

I was posted on the warfront..!

The enemy had started the war song..

And I was ready with my weapons..all sharp and blunt..!!


We were commanded to engage the enemy first,

me and my battalion were full of zeal..!

with so much energy I thought my abdomen would burst,

it still felt so nice, as it was the real deal..!!


The battle lines were drawn, they fired the first shot..

I wanted to kill all who wanted to treat out motherland like a harlot..!

I took down at-least a dozen, but then I felt something like pain…

but the battleground was totally frozen, so I went on looking at the gain..!!


I took down a couple more, everything around me looked hazy..

Now I could not move anymore I fell down feeling a bit dizzy..!

now here I am feeling the sun, I know I didn’t have much time to spare..

surrounded by men with whom I shared my life..and now there wasn’t much left to share..!!


but even in death I am not at peace..

for my mother’s sake my heart aches..!

me and my father had the same confluence of fates..

we both ditched my mother, for our birthplace..!!

1 And that is the life of a soldier, a life full of virtue..without any vice..

Always ready to face the fear..always ready to sacrifice..!!


P.S : Thanks DG for supporting me so beautifully in writing on such an amazing topic..looking forward to write more soon 🙂 🙂


The Fighter (Part I)

I opened my eyes with the sun light gleaming on me,

I felt its warmth with a bit of a sting, then I realized it was of a bee..

a realization struck me, of where I was and where I have been,

my thoughts came back and now I wasn’t too keen..!!


A flashback started in my mind and heart,

Flashing the different phases of my life from the start..

Remembering all those good and bad days of life,

I realized that my life has been quite a strife..!!


I remembered my life as a downtown boy,

happy and careless, enjoying with my toy..

I used to sit in my mother’s lap,

she used to happily sing me to a nap..!


My little sister was a bundle of joy,

I could never see tears in her eye..

Her smile made me happy and merrier,

All in all, we were great together.. 🙂 


Rushed through me the memories, when I saw mother cried,

that day the blood in my veins had dried..

I was told about my father whom I never saw

I was told he was a agent of RAW..!!

He had devoted his life in saving Mother Earth,

All I understood was that a life spent for people’s welfare, is a life spent worth..

He hardly had much time for us and my mom..

Who kept waiting for him to come home..!! 😦


Throughout my life I saw my mother suffer in pride,

Because she was a dead soldiers’ bride..

everyone around always had loads to show as pity,

but nothing to help in our household’s nitty gritty..!! 


After my dad, things were pretty tough,

We were walking on life’s road that was hard and rough..

My mother still never showed us the pain,

She protected us from both heat and rain..!!

I studied in a government school,

and I thought it was pretty cool..

as a teenager I was lean and tall,

with me no one dared pick up a brawl..! 😉


After school hours..I joined part time job for money,

And since then there was never a shortage of bread and honey..

However, there was one question that always struck me,

And that was “In life, what I really wanted to be??”


By the time I reached my 20’s, I decided,

to serve my motherland, as my father did..

while the thoughts pumped joy in my heart,

but my mother went algid showing total discomfort!!! 

images (1)

But I was firm, for I knew my aim,

I was all ready..for me it was no game..

I joined the my dad would have wanted,

to release myself of the memories that haunted..!!


P.S : There is something about army men that always inspires me..their selflessness..kindness..generosity in devoting their entire life for protecting the lives of fellow countrymen..not many have that kind of dedication towards their country..I salute all those people who stay awake all day/night keeping a watch to protect that we can sleep peacefully..

Here is a duet with a friend, DG..He is an amazing writer yet to be a part of the blogosphere..
Part II of the same coming soon..keep waiting 🙂 🙂

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The Dreaming Soul

A beautiful dreamy trio with two beautiful blogger friends..Rahul and Shruti..Both of them have amazing blogs..Click on their names to visit their poetic world..!! 🙂 🙂



As I got down from the Train

I saw so many new faces

Every person had a tale to share

Every person had something to tell

I stood there trapped in the lane

Looking to hold on to that 

Which silently slipped again and again..


I tried again, tried real hard..

But there was something that was not visible to my eye..

Something that I could feel was there..

Somewhere near..

It called me in many ways..

And I went among the crowd..

To a direction unknown..!




Finally, I found him there

With a completely new face

And a much better outfit.

He is not a kid anymore,

Though I loved the way he looked like.

It kept me standing there for a few seconds,

But with a hope to understand who am I??


There was something surreal about the reflection

I couldn’t pin what it meant

Was he a part of my inner soul

Or was I dreaming with open eyes

With so much to ponder 

With so much to think

I got lost in the thoughts

As I forgot to blink..



Several memories flashed by..

I didn’t know which one to relate..

I was lost in my own thoughts..

Lost in my own world..

When suddenly somebody pushed me accidentally..

I got a little confused..

Coming to reality with a sudden knock..!!


Gosh! Where the hell am I?

Either in a dreamy or real world?

What happened to me?

Where is my inner soul?

This was not an unexpected reality,

But a painful alarm I had been waiting for.

My identity was hidden behind his shadow.

Perhaps, this moment has a few more things to tell about myself..!

The road of life..!

I loved writing this one..Another duet with Shruti, a beloved soul..someone who I look upto..She has a beautiful blog..Drop by her blog by Clicking here to be mesmerised by her poems..! I bet she will wow you 🙂


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In the play of life..there are equal number of truths and lies..

Just like there are equal number of worries and smiles..

Life never does me or to you..

Its gives you everything you deserve..

Nothing is ever, ever a due..!




What begins has to end..

What ends begins again..

sorrow paves path for joy..

And joy is interspersed with pain..

Nothing is permanent in life’s lane..!





So keep walking on life’s road..

You will find both flowers and stones..

When you find those stones, never make a wall..

Rise up eleven times, if ten times you fall..!



images (3)

As you keep marching along,

a different energy you will feel..

somewhere beneath all the difficulties..

the waves of strength you will breathe..

🙂 🙂

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A New Sun..

Another duet with a beautiful soul..Shruti Fatehpuria from A Shade of Pen..An amazing writer who wows me with every single piece of her write..This is my attempt to recreate the magic with her..yet again :)


Counting the stars in the night..

I still feel the warmth of sunshine..

With my mind wrapped in a million thoughts..

I wonder if every end is truly a start..!

I try making patterns with the stars in the sky..

And in each one i imagine YOU..

Am I the only one who has been hurt..

Does this end really initiates a new start..?

The stars tell a tale..

Of love, of hurt, of pain, of smiles..

Every emotion clings to my heart..

Why do i need to let go of the past?

The past..that was pleasant..

soothing with its own sweet charm..!

The past that sometimes makes me break down..

and sometimes elates me with ecstasy..

The shine of the stars reflect a light so bright..

That I am lost in thoughts yet again..

even though i make myself ready for a new start!!


Moments come and go..

Each leave a mark of its own..

I am baffled at the impact..

Can this little heart sustain a fresh start??

What if things go awry..

What if i am again trapped..

Will the heart ever heal..

Or will it never again believe in new starts..?

Loads of questions get stuck down deep..

But somehow I still hold on hope..

I have faith that things will be different this time..

Its difficult to erase those memories..

But gradually it will fade..

The faith is strong in my heart..

Yes, I am ready..

Ready for a new start! 🙂

With a faith unwavering, I wipe all tears..

regardless of tomorrow, I walk ahead..

Wherever I will land, I will learn to smile..

Nothing lasts forever and its been a while..

With renewed energy, strong is my heart..

And forward I roll to begin the start.. 🙂

Happy and joyful..I put my steps ahead..

Colors begin to fill my world..

Which had long been lifeless and dead..

I move with all the energy and confidence..

Rising a level more with every single move..

Keep on playing the music of life..

Because I am back and ready to groove 🙂 🙂


The Rhyming Conversation..!

This is a conversation I had with an amazing friend..Devendra aka DG..He is an amazing writer (though he doesn’t agree) and a beautiful soul.. 🙂
Let me first give you all a little background on how it actually you will get once you decide on reading it..this is a conversation that began with a rhyming text, moved and with a rhyming reply and continued for a lot more rhymes..!
It all started one fine sunday..I had just gotten up after being sick (literally) for around fifteen odd days..after all those viruses and bacteria, that were stuck up in my body for too long time, found it hard to struggle with those high doses of medicines..I was back to the normal life the brain was ready to process anything and everything it came across and the heart was pumping correctly..basically the job that all the organs were assigned to do were back in action..! 😛 Believe it or not but this entire conversation went on for around five-six hours with lots of breaks in between but no other word except what has been written below..Enjoy the ride.. 🙂 and for this one, you got to fasten your seat belts really tight! 😛
All I would like to say is THANKS DG for tolerating my insanity to that extent! 🙂 🙂


DG: don’t succumb to fever again

Because that would be a bummer…

eat plenty of fruits and grain

so that u don’t lose out on another summer…

build your body as your shield

It’s the only weapon u can wield…

Take care of your health

It’s your long lasting wealth..


SJ: I will take good care of my health sir..

N make it a point that I don’t fall again in the fate of fever..

I got to work..and work pretty hard..

So that I can go shopping with that money in my card..(lol) 😛


DG: so r v talking in rhymes

Its actually worth a dime…

I like your words..quick and witty

compared to mine…dull and shitty..


SJ: Those words ain’t shit..those are some golden ones..

I dun mind spending my time..

Writing rhymes with the chosen ones! 🙂


DG: that’s such a sweet thing to say

I am sure u always have your way…

you r as sweet as honey

adorable as a little bunny.. 😀


SJ : So much praise makes me blush..

now get to the facts, these words u gotta flush!


DG: these are facts I don’t know y would u think otherwise

I know better than tell to a beautiful damsel lies!!!

especially one who has a friend called pooji

whom I called sooji..

who wants to beat me to a pulp

whenever she acquires the knowledge to become the Hulk..



DG: I know its not my turn

but I could not resist the itch n burn..

don’t u think v folks are strange n crazy

talking in rhymes though v both are lazy!!:D


SJ: I am all laughters and giggles reading this..

N I would like give the pooji sooji thing a miss!

I wouldn’t have been able to resist too..

I would continue with this in some time as I got some work to do!


DG: I never meant to offend your friend

I like the way u defend..

sure go about your work

let me not keep u in a lurk!!!!


SJ: Work will continue..though m done with most of it..

Tell me where have u been hiding this talent till now..

Seeing your excellent rhyming..

All I can say is WOOWWW!!


DG: Ohh please don’t flatter me

my talent is not to rhyme but to b gibberish…

but your other poems I wanna see…

u have a surge that make your words lavish….


SJ: That’s quite a compliment from you I must say..

For that its thanks and warm regards I pay..

A few of my poems are updated on wordpress..

Trying to go slow n steady to avoid creating a mess!

Also don’t forget to drop in your lovely comments..

People just read across without writing a few words, inner me laments!


DG: u know u can never plan your words

so b spontaneous like a elephants herd..

your words online

are divine..

I like your thoughts process

caring, smart, happy but with some duress…

don’t let your heart lament

for lack of comments..

I will let u know what I like personally

would help me know hw u wrote them so artistically…

but m a bad critic..often failing to let my thoughts flow..

my words are not auric..and I don’t wanna deter your glow..


SJ: I love critics as much as I love those praises..

For both, I know in life, will take me places!

Keep reading through them at-least, enough to leave me with smiles..

The thought that I am not the only one walking those miles!


P.s- m sure we both have gone crazy doing the things we do..

This rhyming thing, how long are you planning to continue?

P.s 2- lets not stop this soon even if u feel done..

Coz m loving it..its super duper fun!!


DG: every one walks the same road as u

trying to find out sense in the accompanying view..

your smiles are what your friends desire

its a reflection of the inner fire…

I will continue as long as u want..

or till one of us cant..

I know its crazy and its fun

its like singing hot cross buns…


SJ: the company thing was not regarding the journey of life,

but the journey of blogging..

I thought there were no readers out there,

n I was the only one slogging!


DG: that’s the exact point I am trying to make

your words are yours and for no one else’s sake..

even if no one reads keep your spirits high

your words should cheer u and tell your frustrations goodbye…

u are seriously not bored of me??..

and don’t u have some thing to do u busy bee??..

don’t take me wrong

m loving it like a good old song…

I just wanna b sure

m not disturbing your leisure..


SJ: Ofcourse they cheer me..they fill me with delight..

They bring me back to life..when I start loosing its sight!

They make me smile,they make me giggle..

They make me sit, They make me wiggle!


SJ: I am not bored,

this is rather fascinating..

I have a few more things to do,

but nothing as exciting!


DG: that’s what I am talking about

the power..the strength..the clout..

what u said came straight from your heart

hits the bulls eye with an effortless dart..


SJ: On the other hand, I hope its not your time that I am wasting,

Coz you are the who should b busy with stuffs,

After all u r a hot shot doc in the making!


DG: even m fascinated by the craziness we share

the way we are letting our words lay bare..


SJ: The craziness like this is what I all day crave..

What else do u expect from a corporate slave!


DG: break the chains of slavery

lets do something full of bravery

go out and make a new discovery

unshackle the chain that make life rubbery


SJ: Oh! I wish we could do whatever we wanted..

But man there r spirits with which we r haunted..!

An urge to earn takes over your passion..

Pursuing hobby as a career is difficult n not much in fashion!

But today I have no regrets with life..

Coz with all the ups n downs it has been a beautiful strife..


P.s- I am going to save this conversation,

Since it has taken a lot of pain..

Trust me it has been overwhelming n joyful..

and I am going to read it over again n again..


DG: I know and I share your concern

this life is a burn…

in the end no one should have regrets

because only they prevent atonements..


DG: how are u planning to save it..

even I wanna relive it..

I never expected this day to be so bright

it has brought in a new refreshing light..


SJ: There is an option called e-mail conversation..

Which can be used to re-live the situation!

I too never expected the day to be such fine,

And i must say, the pleasure is all mine..


DG: its gonna be a long long email..

a literal conversational holy grail

i am so enjoying this..

if everyone could be like us I wish..



SJ: I will forward you the same n we will see its length..

Haha I can read the literal conversational holy grail..yes I have the strength!

Indeed there should be more souls to join..

Just hope wherever they r, they r doing just fine 🙂


DG: are u realizing the fact

both of us are hard nuts to crack..

we have kept our words flowing and our words rhyming..

like two trains on parallel tracks..

to be honest I don’t want another soul to join this conversation..

where we both are adding rhyming brick like poetic mansion…


SJ: Of course I realized it, realized it long back..

That both of us indeed..Are hard nuts to crack!

Lets see how far these rhyming trains move..

Till then both of us r totally on the groove!


DG: I like the groove

and the way your hands typing those words move..

never had a conversation like this in life

this is gonna stretch like a giraffe..

this is goona b epic

totally madly eccentric 


SJ: This is my first timer too..

N m really glad with the way we do..

This conversation and this day is gonna b a cheerful memory..

N together we r gonna make it..legen-wait fot it-dary..legendary 🙂 🙂


DG: damn girl I wanted to use that line

but no issues I will use another way to shine..

lets meet up some day some time

break bread and have some wine..


SJ: Yaay I used it first n now I shine..

You m sure will come up with a better line..

Well wine wouldn’t really be much of my taste..

N yeah we’ll catch at the right time..Why make a haste!


DG: who’s making a haste

I have all d time in the world to waste…

if wine does not suit your taste buds

what’s suits your thirsts…


SJ: I prefer sprite or diet coke with my food..

Yes we have all the time in d world dude!

Lets see till when our rhymes seem fit..

We will meet up soon and rock it!


DG: nice choice and it suits your appetite…

miss diet and petite..

don’t worry even if our rhymes are totally misfit

we are so gonna rock it..


SJ: We are going to rock it no matter what,

that’s what i meant..

I agree with your words..

cent percent 😀


DG: I have to lament

u have to excuse me for a moment..

I have to run a errand

give me some time for myself to fend..


SJ: Oh sure u can take your time..

There is absolutely no hurry..

We can continue it when you find time..

There’s nothing to worry! 🙂 🙂


If you have read this entire conversation and you are still in your senses, that means we (me n my writer friend) are deserving enough to live among the so-called-normal-people..and if not..then..well you still have to tolerate us..!! 😛 😛

The Silver Hope!

A duet with a beautiful soul..Shruti Fatehpuria from A Shade of Pen..An amazing writer who wows me with every single piece of her write..This is my attempt to recreate the magic with her.. 🙂


Another day has begun..

Will the cycle tirelessly repeat?

Or will the new sun break the pattern that is endless?

Will those feelings go away??

Or will they still fill my mind?

Will I still be bound by your memories?

Or shall I look into a new sunrise..?

So many questions..

So few answers..!

The puzzle baffles me..

And yet I walk..

Hoping time will heal..time will tell..

The roads ahead that are waiting for me..!

I don’t know if I want to meet you again in this journey of Life..

I don’t even know if I want to move ahead..!


As of now, I am weighed down..

With all those unanswered questions..

Walking like a dead..!

Lifeless and lonely..I have no one to blame..

I walk along the dusty miles..Unaware of the ones I left..

Trapped in my memories and broken with my loss..!!

I look for a ray of hope..

That will guide me to a brighter place..

Where there would be less of sorrow..!

Less of your memories..

And more of my own space..

Where I can think to live once again..

Dream once again..!

I am not yet done, my story isn’t over..

There is more to me than what meets your eye!

I will walk till the end to kill the demon of hate..

And once again trace back the roads..

To the place I truly belong..

I will be back as a free bird..

With the entire sky before me..

Where once again the hope will gleam..

 Where once again I will live my dreams..!




My attempt at a duet..with Rahul from myindividualinsights..(

He is like a little brother to has been an absolute pleasure knowing him..!

It amazes me how we came up with a beautiful piece of poem in our first attempt..This poem is all about longing for love and finding it along 🙂

I like the way this entire piece flows..enjoy the journey..

She keeps looking at me..

Although I’m so busy here..

But her febrile senses reflects..

Compels me to spend a few minutes with my love..

She comes closer to me..Hugs me in a much tighter way than ever before..

Her beautiful eyes crosses with mine, And yells again for a stranger’s look!


I see him stuck up with loads of work..

But that’s what always takes up his entire day ..

This time I feel the nerve that he’ll reciprocate love to me..

To him, from his work, my love will sway..

I go up to him meaning to spend some time together..

The time when it’s just the two of us..

getting lost in each other’s eyes..


I can’t take my breath away from her now!

She needs the whole eminent glitters of love from my side..

For me, your presence is always so special..

Inconceivable by anyone love!

Come on!  This means a lot to us..

don’t stay apart from your man!

Love me as far as you can..


You’re the love of my life..

The reason of my being…my other part..

Nobody can even reach near..

The special place you occupy in my heart!

Love is an eternal bliss they say, and I found it so true..

Everything I was looking for in a man..

I found it in you..! I found it in you..!!