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Love Them!

PicsArt_1376838867432For all the pains they took, to bring a life into this beautiful world..

Love them!

 For all those sleepless nights they spent so that you could sleep like a prince/princess..

Love them!


For that extra shift they worked, so that you could go to a fancy school..

Love them!

For all those things they somehow managed to get for you, as soon as you demanded them..or may be even before you told them..

Love them!


For all those times they repeated a single word more than a dozen times, so that you could learn..

Love them!

For all those sacrifices they made, so that you could get a new dress for every new session and a gift every Christmas..

Love them!


For all those times when they cried more than you, whenever you were in pain..

Love them!

For all those times they held your hand everytime you felt scared of the evil world..

Love them!


For all those times when they were there by your side, when no one else was..

Love them!

For all those times they supported you..even when you were not right..

Love them!


For all the dreams they dreamt for you..for all your dreams that they made their own..

Love them!

For all those pains they took, so that you could have all the pleasures of life..

Love them!


For all those times they asked God to add more number of years to your life by taking away their’s..

Love them!

For all the selfless love they shower upon you..not expecting any damn thing in return..nothing but love and a little respect..

Love them!


For all the prayers they pray..for all the blessings they give..

Love them!

For all the cherishable memories that they have, include you..
the day you were born..
the day you started speaking..your first words..
the day you first walked..your first step..
your first day at school..
the day you won a prize..
the day you got a degree..
the day achieved your goals..
the day you got your first pay check..
and the list is probably endless..

they “OWN” every possible way..

Love them!


For everything that you are today..its all because of them..

LOVE THEM..! 🙂 🙂

P.S : Ekphrastic poetry is all about the thoughts that click your mind on seeing a picture..Another try at the same after a long time..I came across this picture while surfing through google images and this is what I came up with when I sat with a mind full of words and an endless blank page..!

Image source : Google Images

Happiness costs nothing!

Another attempt at Ekphrastic poetry..I came across this picture in google images..Loved it!
No matter how bad my day ends up..One look at this cute picture is enough to bring a smile on my face..

A smile that spreads from Ear to Ear! 🙂 🙂

919830220738 (1)

Life takes us through loads of ups and downs..

The ups, we enjoy..

The downs..we struggle..

There are moments that make us sad..

There are moments that brighten up our days..

Its not about expecting everyday to pass out smoothly..

Its about gathering the experiences throughout the journey..


 After all that I have been through..
After all those times that I have stood up after a fall..

Here I am..

Falling..but still rising back..!

Being cheated..but still loving..!

Broken every moment..but still recovering..!

Dying a bit everyday..but still growing..!

Crying inside..but still smiling..!

Tied with a rope..but still moving..!

Tired..but still working..!

Failing..but still learning..!

Lost the wings..but still flying..!

Loads to say..but still listening patiently..!

A responsible lady holding up my world..but still a child at heart..! 😀

Photo courtsey : Google Images.


Another poem that is inspired from a picture. This is another beautiful picture by Gawie Richter from A Blog’s Life.

Gawie is an amazing artist and his pictures are absolutely breathtaking! This is a paper cut doll made by him. I thought of writing on it the moment I saw it on his blog. And here comes my another attempt at Ekphrastic poetry..


All was well till that August evening,

We both were happy in each other’s arms..

 I felt that finally I had met my prince..

You left me mesmerized in your charms..! 🙂

We were in love..madly and deeply,

Everything in life seemed to be perfect and true..

But God had some other plans in mind..

Of which both of us had no clue..!

The next day would mark our first anniversary,

And I had all plans to make it special..

Your favorite flowers, your favorite music,

I  was sure the day would be amazing and  memorable..

I was waiting for you to return from the office,

Dressed in the Red saree you gifted me the day before..

The room was entirely lit with candles,

Red heart shaped balloons filled the entire floor.. 🙂

I felt both excited and nervous,

I literally had butterflies inside me..

It seemed like minutes were taking hours to pass,

I just couldn’t wait for you to see me.. 🙂

When you didn’t arrive at your usual hour,

I got a little angry for I thought  you would be coming late..(as usual)

Work was always important for you, I Knew,

But at-least today, u shouldn’t have made me wait..!

The clock struck 9 and I got a little worried,

For you were always home by this time..

I thought of giving you a call..and scolding you,

For, being a married man, coming that late from work was a crime..! (ain’t it ) 😛

As I moved towards the hallway, the phone started ringing,

I ran towards it, expecting it to be you..with your usual reasons for being  late..

But I heard a voice that was not yours,

And I was all of a sudden, both worried and amazed..!

Whoever was there on the other end,

Told me that you had met an accident..!!!! 😦 😦

I was shocked, baffled and shattered all at once,

I began yelling and howling like an insane..

My world that was all firm uptill now..

Was suddenly a house of cards in a hurricane..!

I picked up the phone again,

(that had dropped down on hearing the news)

Expecting a little more information..

All I could hear was that you had died on spot,

And people who identified you were taking you for cremation..!

I could not utter a single word,

I had literally broken down by then..

I did not know how to react,

With nothing to speak and no one to listen..!

My world seemed to have collapsed,

Which was all shimmering uptill now..

I sobbed and cried..and cried and cried……

I had no idea what to do and how..!

The candles that were lit with happiness and hope,

Were now disturbing the darkness of my life..

I felt angry at him for being such a selfish man,

For breaking the vows and leaving behind his wife..!!

Here I am, still surviving your death,

Eleven years have passed since then..

The only hope that keeps me going,

Is that one day we will unite once again..

I will shower all the love that has been inside me,

When I will be by your side Once again..

My true Life will begin when life on earth ends..

Waiting for the day till we will unite in heaven..! 🙂 🙂


Ekphrastic poetry..its all about the emotions and words that flow on seeing a picture..

My first attempt on the beautiful picture by Gawie Richter from A Blog’s Life. Gawie is an amazing artist and his pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

The words below are straight from my heart.. being a part of the corporate world, I realize that these are the feelings majority of us have..there is always a lack of time..for family, friends, loved ones and even for self..Many feelings are left unsaid and things are left undone..and still it continues..

All i say is that once in a while it is important to take a break..sit back and track the path life has been taking..

Ask yourself :

Is this the life that I had dreamt of..??

Am I really happy doing what I do for almost 10-12 hours a day..??

Is life vaguely going the way I had imagined it five years back..??

Will I be happy if I sit back and look at it five years from now..??

When was the last time I did something for the first time..??

And if you feel satisfied with what your heart says..then my friend..consider yourself as one of the luckiest human on earth..

And if no..then its time to ACT..!


I look outside the window..

Trying to find some air!

Seems like years or ages so..

Since I have been stuck up here..!!

Work-sleep-food is what describes..

Almost my entire day..!

There is so much to see outside..

I don’t know what still makes me stay..!!

Feels like I am all alone in the world..

Nobody else seems to exist..!!

So much has been done, so much left to do..

My life has become a “to do” list..!!

Once in a while I do wish..

To look at the grass, the sky!

To feel what it is to LIVE..

To dance in the shine, to fly..!!

These are just a few things..

Of the many that I crave..!

Seems like I am no more human..

All I am is a corporate slave..!!

Stuck in a room in front of a screen..

With nothing but slogging the entire day..!

I wish to end this slavery soon..

But there are reasons many, that make me stay..!!

Once in a while I plan to take a b-r-e-a-k..

From the boring mundane routine..!

To think of who I really am..

To realize who I have been..!!

P.S. I have intentionally put the entire piece in Green..because green symbolizes HOPE..

May all of us be blessed with a beautiful life 🙂 🙂