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The Fighter (Part II)

Here’s the continuation of dedication to the selfless army men dedicating their lives towards their countrymen..staying awake all night so that we can sleep peacefully! The link to Part I is : The Fighter (Part I)


I went down to the national defense academy..

filled in to be a part of the infantry..!

We were taught all about the enemy..

and trained in ways, to make them go to the cemetery..! 


Though the beginning turned out to be sore..

But I was always looking for more..!

I tried my best not to give up anytime..

because at this stage backing out would be a crime..!


 I met people of all kind there..

people from different strata’s of society and diff regions of our country..

together we stayed and everything we shared..

lived a life totally exemplary..!


So I went ahead..with all the severe training..

Weather no more mattered to it sunny or raining..!

With the blessings of my parents and loads of dedication..

I now felt ready to serve the nation..!

3 After the training, I was posted all over India..

a mixture of modern exhilaration and colonial aesthesia..!

my beautiful country has a breath taking sway..

for its enemy’s blood, I bay..!


Everyday we met some warriors, who had kept their lives at stake..

We were guided from their experiences, so that same mistakes, we don’t make..!

Everyday we lived, we dreamt to fight..

My family’s memories still haunted me in the night..!!


My wait for service was not too long,

I was posted on the warfront..!

The enemy had started the war song..

And I was ready with my weapons..all sharp and blunt..!!


We were commanded to engage the enemy first,

me and my battalion were full of zeal..!

with so much energy I thought my abdomen would burst,

it still felt so nice, as it was the real deal..!!


The battle lines were drawn, they fired the first shot..

I wanted to kill all who wanted to treat out motherland like a harlot..!

I took down at-least a dozen, but then I felt something like pain…

but the battleground was totally frozen, so I went on looking at the gain..!!


I took down a couple more, everything around me looked hazy..

Now I could not move anymore I fell down feeling a bit dizzy..!

now here I am feeling the sun, I know I didn’t have much time to spare..

surrounded by men with whom I shared my life..and now there wasn’t much left to share..!!


but even in death I am not at peace..

for my mother’s sake my heart aches..!

me and my father had the same confluence of fates..

we both ditched my mother, for our birthplace..!!

1 And that is the life of a soldier, a life full of virtue..without any vice..

Always ready to face the fear..always ready to sacrifice..!!


P.S : Thanks DG for supporting me so beautifully in writing on such an amazing topic..looking forward to write more soon 🙂 🙂



You think you are a writer..??

There have been several days when I sit back and wonder..Am I really a writer (as many think and often say) ?? Do I really belong to THE Writer’s Club or its more of a healing therapy where I find relief through words on paper rather than vocal outbursts! Well its still a mystery for me..writing, for me, is like reading/eating/playing..its necessary to complete a day..though one  wouldn’t die without it..but living without it wouldn’t  really be LIVING!!

 I came across this beautiful piece of writing and couldn’t help sharing it..If you are one like me..who wonders and ponders over the same questions as I do, then probably this might help..


So after reading this..I came upon a conclusion that Yes..I might be a writer..albeit a crazy one..who does all the above things in the craziest possible way..want a proof? Being awake till late often, of’course the reason being the thought process which somehow forgets that it exists during the day too! So all the happenings during the day get shot in the mind through some imaginary bullet one by one..and there starts the judgement..and I take the positions of both a Lawyer and a judge deciding the fate of the thoughts! And trust me..getting stuck in the courtroom in the middle of the night defending and arguing against your own thoughts is definitely not as good as hovering in dreamland! and yep..loads of nonsensical conversations come up too, most of which never sees the light of the day!

Probably that’s how writers are..mad, crazy, insane, over-thinkers, deep..
and if that holds true, then yes..I might be a writer..for I think I am a perfect combination of madness and sanity 🙂 🙂

You think you are a writer??
Would love to hear from you 🙂

What goes around..comes around!!

An attempt at a story (an excerpt) with a little different style..not sure if  anyone has ever thought/written about it..The uniqueness is that the last paragraph is exactly a copy of the first paragraph albeit read backwards..and still completes the feelings..!

                                                                     *** made my heart ache..the very thought that you didn’t even care to ask how I was..after all that I have been created a deep hole in my matter how much I tried to ignore matter how many times I uttered “Huh? Even I give a damn!”, each one came out with a sigh of melancholy and hope..may be you just might ask..may be you have been heart kept eyes were stuck on the phone..still there was nothing from you..I kept waiting for you cause the candle of hope still shimmered through the darkness of my life..I knew that things were not the same as they used to be..somewhere deep down I knew that times had changed and I no more had the right to expect anything from you..sadly, our heart takes a lot of time to accept what the mind already knows..even after everything that had happened between us, those memories never seemed to leave my mind, haunted me every moment..sometimes expecting someone to do something turns out to be as painful as expecting him not to do it at all.. reality and realizations struck me late and in a pretty hard mind had become a twisted place crammed with several thoughts, both dark and sparkling..I just wasn’t sure which thoughts were to be nurtured..
I guess I was just very confused with what I was a stage where I was too messed up to be sorted out..!!
I just wasn’t sure which thoughts were to be mind had become a twisted place crammed with several thoughts, both dark and sparkling.. reality and realizations struck me late and in a pretty hard way..sometimes expecting someone to do something turns out to be as painful as expecting him not to do it at all..even after everything that had happened between us, those memories never seemed to leave my mind, haunted me every moment..sadly, our heart takes a lot of time to accept what the mind already knows..somewhere deep down I knew that times had changed and I no more had the right to expect anything from you..I knew that things were not the same as they used to be..I still kept waiting for you cause the candle of hope still shimmered through the darkness of my life..still there was nothing from eyes were stuck on the heart kept waiting..may be you have been busy..may be you just might matter how many times I uttered “Huh? Even I give a damn!” each one came out with a sigh of melancholy and matter how much I tried to ignore created a deep hole in my heart..after all that I have been through..the very thought that you didn’t even care to ask how I made heart ache..
Does it makes sense to you?? 
Your views/comments are welcomed.. 🙂

I opened my eyes with the sun light gleaming on me,

I felt its warmth with a bit of a sting, then I realized it was of a bee..

a realization struck me, of where I was and where I have been,

my thoughts came back and now I wasn’t too keen..!!


A flashback started in my mind and heart,

Flashing the different phases of my life from the start..

Remembering all those good and bad days of life,

I realized that my life has been quite a strife..!!


I remembered my life as a downtown boy,

happy and careless, enjoying with my toy..

I used to sit in my mother’s lap,

she used to happily sing me to a nap..!


My little sister was a bundle of joy,

I could never see tears in her eye..

Her smile made me happy and merrier,

All in all, we were great together.. 🙂 


Rushed through me the memories, when I saw mother cried,

that day the blood in my veins had dried..

I was told about my father whom I never saw

I was told he was a agent of RAW..!!

He had devoted his life in saving Mother Earth,

All I understood was that a life spent for people’s welfare, is a life spent worth..

He hardly had much time for us and my mom..

Who kept waiting for him to come home..!! 😦


Throughout my life I saw my mother suffer in pride,

Because she was a dead soldiers’ bride..

everyone around always had loads to show as pity,

but nothing to help in our household’s nitty gritty..!! 


After my dad, things were pretty tough,

We were walking on life’s road that was hard and rough..

My mother still never showed us the pain,

She protected us from both heat and rain..!!

I studied in a government school,

and I thought it was pretty cool..

as a teenager I was lean and tall,

with me no one dared pick up a brawl..! 😉


After school hours..I joined part time job for money,

And since then there was never a shortage of bread and honey..

However, there was one question that always struck me,

And that was “In life, what I really wanted to be??”


By the time I reached my 20’s, I decided,

to serve my motherland, as my father did..

while the thoughts pumped joy in my heart,

but my mother went algid showing total discomfort!!! 

images (1)

But I was firm, for I knew my aim,

I was all ready..for me it was no game..

I joined the my dad would have wanted,

to release myself of the memories that haunted..!!


P.S : There is something about army men that always inspires me..their selflessness..kindness..generosity in devoting their entire life for protecting the lives of fellow countrymen..not many have that kind of dedication towards their country..I salute all those people who stay awake all day/night keeping a watch to protect that we can sleep peacefully..

Here is a duet with a friend, DG..He is an amazing writer yet to be a part of the blogosphere..
Part II of the same coming soon..keep waiting 🙂 🙂

Image source : Google Images

Love Them!

PicsArt_1376838867432For all the pains they took, to bring a life into this beautiful world..

Love them!

 For all those sleepless nights they spent so that you could sleep like a prince/princess..

Love them!


For that extra shift they worked, so that you could go to a fancy school..

Love them!

For all those things they somehow managed to get for you, as soon as you demanded them..or may be even before you told them..

Love them!


For all those times they repeated a single word more than a dozen times, so that you could learn..

Love them!

For all those sacrifices they made, so that you could get a new dress for every new session and a gift every Christmas..

Love them!


For all those times when they cried more than you, whenever you were in pain..

Love them!

For all those times they held your hand everytime you felt scared of the evil world..

Love them!


For all those times when they were there by your side, when no one else was..

Love them!

For all those times they supported you..even when you were not right..

Love them!


For all the dreams they dreamt for you..for all your dreams that they made their own..

Love them!

For all those pains they took, so that you could have all the pleasures of life..

Love them!


For all those times they asked God to add more number of years to your life by taking away their’s..

Love them!

For all the selfless love they shower upon you..not expecting any damn thing in return..nothing but love and a little respect..

Love them!


For all the prayers they pray..for all the blessings they give..

Love them!

For all the cherishable memories that they have, include you..
the day you were born..
the day you started speaking..your first words..
the day you first walked..your first step..
your first day at school..
the day you won a prize..
the day you got a degree..
the day achieved your goals..
the day you got your first pay check..
and the list is probably endless..

they “OWN” every possible way..

Love them!


For everything that you are today..its all because of them..

LOVE THEM..! 🙂 🙂

P.S : Ekphrastic poetry is all about the thoughts that click your mind on seeing a picture..Another try at the same after a long time..I came across this picture while surfing through google images and this is what I came up with when I sat with a mind full of words and an endless blank page..!

Image source : Google Images

..and in that one moment..all the hatred, that had been buried inside me since aeons, came out..infact exploded..and with all the force and vigor in me, that had been held back till today, I plunged the knife deep into his body till blood flowed out gushing..smearing his entire body and my hands..which had long been tied, came out if they could no more bear the anguish and in front of my eyes..he fell down..too soon to even make me realize what had actually happened..


His body and the sea of the red fluid covered almost the entire kitchen place which had been my room for years now..the place where I had cried myself to death so many times..where I had thought of giving up on life for more than countless times..the floor which I had mopped and cleaned just a few hours back..not realizing it would all be smeared with the red liquid that flowed out of a devil’s body..the place which had for long been a prison for me..was now the place where I gained my freedom..freedom from the wildest nightmares of my life..


 I was still not sure how to react..there seemed to be a war between my own organs..while the mind felt happy..the heart felt it had lost something really precious..but the felt satisfied and almost danced with joy..


It seemed that with every inch of the red fluid on the floor, a drop of blood drained out of my body carried the emotions of agony and pain..that had been inflicted upon me by the man who was now lying on the floor..dead and gave me a soothing feeling somehow..


Suddenly I heard a little noise..I turned around in amazement..I found her staring at me..and the dead that one moment I realized that all my deepest feelings had been laid bare..all my darkest fears had come world had just turned upside down..the knife dropped down from my hands and I turned pale..I did not have any answers for the crime I had just committed..I was not even sure how I managed to do something like this..but I DID IT and there was no denying the fact..!!

P.s : My first attempt at a short excerpt..and that too something like this..not sure what made me write this..I guess after loads about love and relationships..this one somehow found a way for itself..your views and comments will be highly appreciated.. 🙂

H.E.A.R.T <3

Whenever I feel low, emotions start pouring..

And take the form of words..etched on the beaten wooden pulp..

Helps me vent out the overflowing feelings..

Which, somehow, couldn’t flow through mouth..flows through ink..

Which, somehow, could not find a listener..finds a reader..

Does that mean I have a poet’s heart..?? 

images (1)

Whenever it reminds me of you..

memories of our togetherness haunt me down the old rusty lanes..

and I imagine if those moments could ever be re-created or re-lived..

MOMENTS..that used to lighten and brighten my deep dark gloomy soul..

moments that have been more than just that..may be an entire life..!

Does that mean I have a dreamer’s heart..?? 


Whenever I see loved ones together..lost madly and deeply in each other’s eyes..

I imagine if somebody would ever find me..or I would find someone like that..

Someone to accompany me in those long serene walks down the beach..

Someone to hold me when I feel low..scared and lost..

Someone who calls me princess when I actually look like a total mess..!

Does that mean I have a lover’s heart..??


 Sometimes I feel like an alien..stepped out of my own planet..

Somehow trying to fit amongst people I don’t really belong with..

I fail to feel things..react at ways it should be done..

Makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me or the entire world..!

I feel weird amongst those smiling and crying images moving around me..

Does that mean I have a loner’s heart..?? I really have a H.E.A.R.T..??




I did not..

realize when and how..

YOU entered my life..

How we ended up..

being the way we are..

All i now know is that..

I have started liking YOU..

more than i ever thought i would..!

P.S. I love you!


I could not see when it happened..

I didn’t realize when my heart was lost..

I didn’t even know..

it was singing the tunes..

which made the melody..

melodious again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!

Here I am today..

Thinking about YOU..

almost the entire day..

Dreaming about YOU..

almost the entire night..

Wondering where have YOU been all these years..

And thanking God..

that finally YOU are here! 🙂 🙂

P.S. I love you!you_complete_me_by_llarissa-d473gpl

Once here..

YOU will be always with me..

Nothing can ever come in between..

I wonder what will happen..

when times end..

will our love outstay our own story??

Or will it end..

and never be heard again?? 😦

P.S. I love you!

Whenever such thoughts pass by..

Worries take over..

the thrill and enjoyment..

But that wink of YOUR eye..

and the curve of YOUR lips..

Seem to take away all my fears..

And makes my heart fly again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!


It is YOUR love that rocks my world..

The only stone that keeps me firm..

When the rest of my life is a mess..

YOU still make me glitter..

with hope..!

P.S. I love you!

A hope that i know..

will last forever..

A hope i can blindly have faith on amongst all the strife!

I am so happy to have found YOU my angel..

With each passing day..

my love increases a step more..

Both for YOU and for my own life..! 🙂

P.S. I love you!images (1)


P.S : For everyone who has missed me, I am back..after almost a month of unexplained absence..have been a little lost for a and other priorities..writing may have taken a backseat but its still there..guess it can never ever go..have been giving words to imagination all throughout..and that thought makes me happy! 🙂 and nothing better than “YOU” which kind of explains the long absence..somehow you can never pen down some matter how hard you try..this is a vague attempt..probably not even close to the real feelings one might have on these occasions..but still..somehow portrays the emotions one can imagine to happen..This is another duet with Shruti..somehow this girl understands everything I ever want to say..I love you! Click on her name to visit her awesome blog..

Image source : Google Image!


Dedicated to all the soldiers and army men who stake their life every moment to protect ours..


When you go home..tell them of US and say..

For your tomorrow, we gave our today..!!


Are You Ready..??

This one contains everything I can think of at the moment..Loved it! 🙂

Feel good, take it easy, ignore the unwanted, eat, roam, meet people, read, do the things you love, help people, laugh your heart out, eat till you feel like vomiting, sing like a crazy frog, dance like a duck gone crazier than the frog and don’t forget to thank God for everything! 🙂 🙂

Are you ready to live this kind of life for the rest of your life..?? 🙂


 Life is not about the number of moments you breathe..Its all about the number of moments that take your breath away..So live it 🙂 🙂