..and in that one moment..all the hatred, that had been buried inside me since aeons, came out..infact exploded..and with all the force and vigor in me, that had been held back till today, I plunged the knife deep into his body till blood flowed out gushing..smearing his entire body and my hands..my hands..which had long been tied, came out revolting..as if they could no more bear the anguish and in front of my eyes..he fell down..too soon to even make me realize what had actually happened..


His body and the sea of the red fluid covered almost the entire kitchen floor..kitchen..the place which had been my room for years now..the place where I had cried myself to death so many times..where I had thought of giving up on life for more than countless times..the floor which I had mopped and cleaned just a few hours back..not realizing it would all be smeared with the red liquid that flowed out of a devil’s body..the place which had for long been a prison for me..was now the place where I gained my freedom..freedom from the wildest nightmares of my life..


 I was still not sure how to react..there seemed to be a war between my own organs..while the mind felt happy..the heart ached..it felt sore..like it had lost something really precious..but the mind..it felt satisfied and almost danced with joy..


It seemed that with every inch of the red fluid on the floor, a drop of blood drained out of my body too..it carried the emotions of agony and pain..that had been inflicted upon me by the man who was now lying on the floor..dead and helpless..it gave me a soothing feeling somehow..


Suddenly I heard a little noise..I turned around in amazement..I found her staring at me..and the dead body..in that one moment I realized that all my deepest feelings had been laid bare..all my darkest fears had come alive..my world had just turned upside down..the knife dropped down from my hands and I turned pale..I did not have any answers for the crime I had just committed..I was not even sure how I managed to do something like this..but I DID IT and there was no denying the fact..!!

P.s : My first attempt at a short story..an excerpt..and that too something like this..not sure what made me write this..I guess after loads about love and relationships..this one somehow found a way for itself..your views and comments will be highly appreciated.. 🙂