We often have bad days in life,

When we feel lonely and sad..

Negativity starts flowing from every possible direction,

And instead of seeing good, we focus only on the bad..


 Everything in the world seems to go against us,

We blame that life isn’t what we expected it to be..

Ignoring all the beautiful things that happen around us,

We just focus on how worse things could be..! 

But we forget that there is a good reason and motive,

behind everything that happens to us..

There is always a brighter side to the situations,

Which is often ignored by us.. 

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Today when we fall into a terrible scenario,

We think “What good can be hidden in this..??”

But when we later realize how much we have learnt from it,

And we end up lamenting the happy moments we have missed..!!

 No matter how much we get from life,

We are always unsatisfied and in need of more..

We forget that no matter how bad the days go,

There is always, always something to be thankful for..


So keep smiling in all situations..keep your spirits high,

Thank God for everything..even if you have to walk that extra mile..

Show life, that if it has a hundred reasons to make you sad,

You have a thousand reasons to keep on that smile.. 😀 😀

Image Source : Google Images