My little attempt on writing the feelings of a father..a proud father..for his daughter..whom he loves more than  anything in the world..and one day he has to let her live a new life..!


I still remember the day you were born..

The nurse gave YOU in my arms..

And tears fell down my eyes..

Tears of joy..tears of happiness..on holding a part of me..

On becoming the father of a cute baby doll..

At first I was skeptical of holding you in my arms..

I feared that I might hurt you..for you were soft as a fur..

And amidst that looked at me..

With big wide eyes..

And smiled..

I felt my heart melt like ice..

And all my fears flew away..

And I smiled too..


It seems like just yesterday,

when you came into our lives..

And its time for you to leave..

To go to a far away place..amongst complete strangers..

Who will soon become your family..

And will love you equally..

Or may be more than the love that I gave you..

The time has come so soon..

My heart feels pain..and tears fill my eyes..

Feels like I am losing a part of me..

I wish I could keep you with me..for a few more years..

Spend more time with you..

And do everything to keep you happy..


I might not have told you often, how much I love you..

They say men aren’t that great at showing their feelings..

But I know that you know the depth of my love..

No matter, I show it or not!

You know that you are special to me and will always be..

You are my dearest possession..precious than any treasures in the world..

You may have outgrown my lap..

But you will never outgrow my heart..

For me you will always be my sweet little bubbly daughter..

For whose happiness I can do anything in the world..


For me you will always be the one..

Who still clings to me for every little thing she wants..

Who is still a kid at matter how much she grows up!

Who still holds my fingers while walking..

Who still comes to me for little permissions that she knows mommy won’t give..

Who convinces me for every BIG demand with a LITTLE cute smile..

Who still runs after me for getting those smallest wishes fulfilled..

Who looks upto me for every kind of advise..

Who makes me giggle from deep inside with her crazy acts..

Who is my little bundle of joy..

Who has made me feel blessed and proud of a woman she has become..

Whose one tear breaks my heart into pieces..

Whose one smile still makes my entire day..


 For whom I will always be..

A share your secrets and problems..

A guide you whenever you seem to loose your path..

A coach..a support you..

A critic..a tell you what’s wrong..

An ATM Machine..

A role model..


And the coolest daddy on earth..!

#DaddyDearest 🙂