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To Uncle Santa..!

Merry Christmas to everyone who’s reading this!

Holiday season has begun and everyone around is getting excited for Christmas..decorating the house, the Christmas  tree, baking cakes, preparing candies, buying presents..the entire feel of Christmas is exciting in itself..the roads shimmering with twinkling little light bulbs, people dressed as Santa handing over candies to little ones, Christmas carols, snowflakes. 🙂 🙂


Somehow I get really excited for Christmas..(yeah the picture above is mine 😛 ) though its not hugely celebrated in my country and more specifically in my city but the holiday mood, sound of Christmas music and jingles, visiting a Church, walking past the streets that are all lit up making you feel like its a walk in heaven, writing Letter to Uncle Santa  – all this enough to give it a Christmas feel 🙂 🙂

I know this comes a little early but its a conscious effort..considering the size of my wish list..I thought Uncle Santa might just need a few extra days 😛 😀


I would like to end this happy note with the song that has been stuck in my mind this season..

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.
Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows..
It´s written on the wind, it´s everywhere I go..
So if you really love Christmas, come on and let it snow..
(Yeah I happened to watch Love actually recently)


Merry Christmas
Ho Ho Ho!! 🙂 🙂

Tied Till The Last Breath..!

A duet with dearest  Shruti

There was a time
When we never left each other’s side..
Yet time forced us apart
Were we still tied with our heart..??


Several things happen during the day..
That remind me of you..
I couldn’t think of not being with you even for a moment..

And here I am living miles away from you..
Are we still tied with our heart, I wonder?

Just when I thought we had lost our charm
Just when I felt we had lost that spark..
Just then something inside of me stirred
And the heart silently spoke words of love..


Words that had been silent for long..
Words that I no longer knew that they existed..
Suddenly those feelings took over again..
And I was lost..in the memory of happier days..

I slowly felt the old ache again
I crave to be close again
I do not even realize
Tears silently wet my eyes


I pick up my phone but put it down again..
Thinking it has been too long..
Too long since we shared our lives ..
Too long since tears never left my eyes!

Should I leave my ego aside?
Will calling hurt my pride?
Or will this call fix everything again?
Or will my effort give me pain?

With all the courage I convince my heart..
To call you once and make a start..
I dial your number and my heart skips its beats..

Three big rings and no one picks the call
I curse myself and on my bed I fall
Finally on the fifth ring, I hear a sound
The world stands still and my head spins round..!


You ask me who I am..
and in that one moment my world spins around..
My voice gets stuck in throat..
like I was lost in darkness since ages
and was suddenly found..!

I lose all hope
I hear a voice
Is it my heart that cried?
Am I alive or have I died?

But suddenly you utter my name..confirming if its me..
The entire world seems to brighten..
My name never sounded that beautiful albeit in your husky voice!
I pinched hard to check if it was a dream


Was I lost in my own fantasy
Or was reality finally better than my dreams??
My heart raced..it almost danced in joy..
You almost scolded me for getting vanished and not being in touch..
And we were back to square one..

Those same silly fights..that same laughter..
With you, i realized, life was so much easier..
Why I didn’t call before?
Why did I let silly ego burn my mind

True love always shines bright
Like stars that glorify the night
I now wanted to forget the moments spent without you..
I completely wanted to forget that part..
For life seemed to be so much more beautiful now..


Yes, we were still tied in heart..
Nothing can take away the love
Nothing is as precious as love
Two felt the single beat
Yes, we were destined to meet 🙂

Destined to be loved..
To be together in life and death..
I promise to love you and be by your side..
Till my last breath! 🙂



I did not..

realize when and how..

YOU entered my life..

How we ended up..

being the way we are..

All i now know is that..

I have started liking YOU..

more than i ever thought i would..!

P.S. I love you!


I could not see when it happened..

I didn’t realize when my heart was lost..

I didn’t even know..

it was singing the tunes..

which made the melody..

melodious again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!

Here I am today..

Thinking about YOU..

almost the entire day..

Dreaming about YOU..

almost the entire night..

Wondering where have YOU been all these years..

And thanking God..

that finally YOU are here! 🙂 🙂

P.S. I love you!you_complete_me_by_llarissa-d473gpl

Once here..

YOU will be always with me..

Nothing can ever come in between..

I wonder what will happen..

when times end..

will our love outstay our own story??

Or will it end..

and never be heard again?? 😦

P.S. I love you!

Whenever such thoughts pass by..

Worries take over..

the thrill and enjoyment..

But that wink of YOUR eye..

and the curve of YOUR lips..

Seem to take away all my fears..

And makes my heart fly again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!


It is YOUR love that rocks my world..

The only stone that keeps me firm..

When the rest of my life is a mess..

YOU still make me glitter..

with hope..!

P.S. I love you!

A hope that i know..

will last forever..

A hope i can blindly have faith on amongst all the strife!

I am so happy to have found YOU my angel..

With each passing day..

my love increases a step more..

Both for YOU and for my own life..! 🙂

P.S. I love you!images (1)


P.S : For everyone who has missed me, I am back..after almost a month of unexplained absence..have been a little lost for a while..work and other priorities..writing may have taken a backseat but its still there..guess it can never ever go..have been giving words to imagination all throughout..and that thought makes me happy! 🙂 and nothing better than “YOU” which kind of explains the long absence..somehow you can never pen down some feelings..no matter how hard you try..this is a vague attempt..probably not even close to the real feelings one might have on these occasions..but still..somehow portrays the emotions one can imagine to happen..This is another duet with Shruti..somehow this girl understands everything I ever want to say..I love you! Click on her name to visit her awesome blog..

Image source : Google Image!


This is a collection of some of the most beautiful quotes I came across..I think you will like them too! 🙂 🙂


1 (2)



6 (3)





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Happiness costs nothing!

Another attempt at Ekphrastic poetry..I came across this picture in google images..Loved it!
No matter how bad my day ends up..One look at this cute picture is enough to bring a smile on my face..

A smile that spreads from Ear to Ear! 🙂 🙂

919830220738 (1)

Life takes us through loads of ups and downs..

The ups, we enjoy..

The downs..we struggle..

There are moments that make us sad..

There are moments that brighten up our days..

Its not about expecting everyday to pass out smoothly..

Its about gathering the experiences throughout the journey..


 After all that I have been through..
After all those times that I have stood up after a fall..

Here I am..

Falling..but still rising back..!

Being cheated..but still loving..!

Broken every moment..but still recovering..!

Dying a bit everyday..but still growing..!

Crying inside..but still smiling..!

Tied with a rope..but still moving..!

Tired..but still working..!

Failing..but still learning..!

Lost the wings..but still flying..!

Loads to say..but still listening patiently..!

A responsible lady holding up my world..but still a child at heart..! 😀

Photo courtsey : Google Images.


Yes..I feel happy, happier and probably the happiiessstttt 🙂
Three ANGELS of my life have been engaged recently and will soon be tying knots with their prince charming..
Rishika (my Janeman) , Sarda (Little Champ! ) and Manish (its actually Manisha but we prefer calling her Manish :p) 🙂 A bigg CONGRATULATIONS girlfriends 🙂

Past few days have been great..an absolute delight..the fun in teasing your best buddies, hanging around with them..giving advises/suggestions on what they should/should not do or say (and learning in the process! 😛 )..going gaga over their fiancee..admiring all those gifts they give/receive..not leaving a chance to peek into their cellphones and reading their conversations (to get more information to tease them later!), listening to their love stories..on how they met and the entire journey..superfun! 🙂 🙂 At times I feel I am more excited than the love birds! 😛

This is a little gift of words from my side..(of’course u’l get a bigger one at the wedding 😛 )


Happy, thrilled, elated and overjoyed,

Its time for party and celebrations..

For finding the prince charming of your life,

I wish you heartiest Congratulations.. 🙂

I feel so happy and delighted..

To the entire world, I wanna scream..!

All I would like to say to the handsome guys..

(Saurav B. , Saurav S. and  Vivek)

Is “Welcome to the team!” 🙂

All my memories with you people,

shall be cherished and preserved..

May you get all the happiness and Love..

 that you always wanted and truly deserved 🙂

May your relationship be healthy and strong,

And you always be together in all the phases of life..

I wish you all the happiness in the world,

May you have the best-est days in life 🙂


Love you all..God Bless ya 🙂

Another poem that is inspired from a picture. This is another beautiful picture by Gawie Richter from A Blog’s Life.

Gawie is an amazing artist and his pictures are absolutely breathtaking! This is a paper cut doll made by him. I thought of writing on it the moment I saw it on his blog. And here comes my another attempt at Ekphrastic poetry..


All was well till that August evening,

We both were happy in each other’s arms..

 I felt that finally I had met my prince..

You left me mesmerized in your charms..! 🙂

We were in love..madly and deeply,

Everything in life seemed to be perfect and true..

But God had some other plans in mind..

Of which both of us had no clue..!

The next day would mark our first anniversary,

And I had all plans to make it special..

Your favorite flowers, your favorite music,

I  was sure the day would be amazing and  memorable..

I was waiting for you to return from the office,

Dressed in the Red saree you gifted me the day before..

The room was entirely lit with candles,

Red heart shaped balloons filled the entire floor.. 🙂

I felt both excited and nervous,

I literally had butterflies inside me..

It seemed like minutes were taking hours to pass,

I just couldn’t wait for you to see me.. 🙂

When you didn’t arrive at your usual hour,

I got a little angry for I thought  you would be coming late..(as usual)

Work was always important for you, I Knew,

But at-least today, u shouldn’t have made me wait..!

The clock struck 9 and I got a little worried,

For you were always home by this time..

I thought of giving you a call..and scolding you,

For, being a married man, coming that late from work was a crime..! (ain’t it ) 😛

As I moved towards the hallway, the phone started ringing,

I ran towards it, expecting it to be you..with your usual reasons for being  late..

But I heard a voice that was not yours,

And I was all of a sudden, both worried and amazed..!

Whoever was there on the other end,

Told me that you had met an accident..!!!! 😦 😦

I was shocked, baffled and shattered all at once,

I began yelling and howling like an insane..

My world that was all firm uptill now..

Was suddenly a house of cards in a hurricane..!

I picked up the phone again,

(that had dropped down on hearing the news)

Expecting a little more information..

All I could hear was that you had died on spot,

And people who identified you were taking you for cremation..!

I could not utter a single word,

I had literally broken down by then..

I did not know how to react,

With nothing to speak and no one to listen..!

My world seemed to have collapsed,

Which was all shimmering uptill now..

I sobbed and cried..and cried and cried……

I had no idea what to do and how..!

The candles that were lit with happiness and hope,

Were now disturbing the darkness of my life..

I felt angry at him for being such a selfish man,

For breaking the vows and leaving behind his wife..!!

Here I am, still surviving your death,

Eleven years have passed since then..

The only hope that keeps me going,

Is that one day we will unite once again..

I will shower all the love that has been inside me,

When I will be by your side Once again..

My true Life will begin when life on earth ends..

Waiting for the day till we will unite in heaven..! 🙂 🙂


Me..You..US :)

I wish I could reduce the distance between you and me..

Simply by folding a road map,

Or by getting wings behind my back..

Or having Aladin’s carpet that would take be beside you,

I wouldn’t leave a single chance, to be next to you..

Still holding on hope, though I know all this doesn’t happen in real life..

But who knows, I might just get lucky enough..!

(yeah! Love gives you those insane hopes too..!) 🙂


And till it does, we will carry on the way things have been,

For the distance is only in miles,

not in our hearts..

May be not in person, but we will meet everyday as we already do,

In our thoughts, in our talks, in dreams and hopes..

in every single thing we do..

we will share our days, share our lives,

with your thoughts in my mind,

I will go on long drives..

(inner me says “lonnnnggggggggg drives 🙂 )


The thought of meeting you again, keeps me going,

And will keep doing so..

And our memories will keep making me smile,

Whenever I feel down and low..

I pray to the Almighty, to keep you happy and safe..

And hold you up in situations, when I am not there..

I am counting hours and minutes here,

waiting for you to show,

I love you a lot, I know that you already know..

My love for you will never change,

no matter how long we stay apart,

You will keep holding that special place,

you will always be there in my heart 🙂


Days in Life..!

This one is really close to my heart..we often have bad days in life..and sometimes we have them quite often..bad day at work, quarrel with your loved ones, getting your heart broken (may be yet again), loosing someone special..feeling ignored or anything..it makes us feel terrible..we start abusing our lives for it..!!

But we forget that in life we have some awesome days too..days when someone makes you feel special..you feel loved..days when everything goes just as you planned it to be..days you get promoted..days your kids make you feel proud..n days when you sit on a sofa watching your loved ones thinking how your life has been so far and the inner voice says “HAPPY and SATISFYING”.. 🙂

That’s what life is..with all the ups and downs..that’s the spice of life..

Always remember, in the end everything will make perfect sense..so as for now, just never stop living..every moment of life is worth it..some make you happy while others teach you a lesson.. 🙂

There are days when you feel happy,

Like a baby being thrown up in the air..

There are days when you feel sad,

Like you have lost something precious and rare..


There are days when you get stressed,

With the tons of work that you have done..!

there are days when you feel depressed,

for the words unsaid and the deeds undone..!!


There are days when you are confused,

When between the head and the heart, there is a strife..

There are days when u feel messed..

When you don’t seem to understand your own life..!!


But no matter what happens..

Never sink down in the the river of sadness too low..

Always keep that  zinnggggg alive 🙂

The bright lights between your lips should always GLOW 😀 😀


Never break down, no matter how sad, bad or mad you get,

Because God just has a limited number of smiles to give..

and while you were sad, he gave yours to someone who needed it more..

Someone, who with your share of happiness, gets a reason to live..!! 🙂 🙂


So keep smiling all the way..its just a few bad days..not a bad life..

Always remember, for every one minute of sadness, you loose sixty seconds of happiness 🙂 🙂