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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Writing for you, from my heart,
To be honest, I don’t know where to start!
(you know what I mean right “Miss TT”? :p)
You came into my life from nowhere and since then it has never been the same!
With you I have had so many perfect moments, that I could frame! 🙂

The love and care you give, the amazing personality that you are!
With you, I am happy, to have come this far!
Its not often that I write/say sweet words for you,
But when I do it, you know, I mean it, I really do!
(hard to believe eh? )

You make me smile, you drive away my tears,
(Though you did make me cry once..forgiveness granted :p)
You are the perfect example for how a true friend cares!
(or should I write true Mom? :p)

You are weird, you are stupid and crazy,

Thanks for making us friends Miss Lazy.!.
(yeah its the reference to shorty in the group :p I am gonna be killed for this!)
All I want to say is, never ever change, I would never allow!
because the original you baby, is just WOW!
(Read Saifu style :p)

I appreciate you for staying with me, when I asked you to be there by my side..
and I LOVE you for staying with me, when you did it without asking!
I appreciate you for lending a ear, when I had loads to say..
and I LOVE you for understanding me, even when I had nothing to say!
I don’t say it often..I don’t say it to many!
But yes you are the one who gives my Mondays a Friday Feel..! 😀 😀


You are a beautiful soul my friend..!
And..I Love you! 🙂 🙂



I did not..

realize when and how..

YOU entered my life..

How we ended up..

being the way we are..

All i now know is that..

I have started liking YOU..

more than i ever thought i would..!

P.S. I love you!


I could not see when it happened..

I didn’t realize when my heart was lost..

I didn’t even know..

it was singing the tunes..

which made the melody..

melodious again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!

Here I am today..

Thinking about YOU..

almost the entire day..

Dreaming about YOU..

almost the entire night..

Wondering where have YOU been all these years..

And thanking God..

that finally YOU are here! 🙂 🙂

P.S. I love you!you_complete_me_by_llarissa-d473gpl

Once here..

YOU will be always with me..

Nothing can ever come in between..

I wonder what will happen..

when times end..

will our love outstay our own story??

Or will it end..

and never be heard again?? 😦

P.S. I love you!

Whenever such thoughts pass by..

Worries take over..

the thrill and enjoyment..

But that wink of YOUR eye..

and the curve of YOUR lips..

Seem to take away all my fears..

And makes my heart fly again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!


It is YOUR love that rocks my world..

The only stone that keeps me firm..

When the rest of my life is a mess..

YOU still make me glitter..

with hope..!

P.S. I love you!

A hope that i know..

will last forever..

A hope i can blindly have faith on amongst all the strife!

I am so happy to have found YOU my angel..

With each passing day..

my love increases a step more..

Both for YOU and for my own life..! 🙂

P.S. I love you!images (1)


P.S : For everyone who has missed me, I am back..after almost a month of unexplained absence..have been a little lost for a while..work and other priorities..writing may have taken a backseat but its still there..guess it can never ever go..have been giving words to imagination all throughout..and that thought makes me happy! 🙂 and nothing better than “YOU” which kind of explains the long absence..somehow you can never pen down some feelings..no matter how hard you try..this is a vague attempt..probably not even close to the real feelings one might have on these occasions..but still..somehow portrays the emotions one can imagine to happen..This is another duet with Shruti..somehow this girl understands everything I ever want to say..I love you! Click on her name to visit her awesome blog..

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The road of life..!

I loved writing this one..Another duet with Shruti, a beloved soul..someone who I look upto..She has a beautiful blog..Drop by her blog by Clicking here to be mesmerised by her poems..! I bet she will wow you 🙂


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In the play of life..there are equal number of truths and lies..

Just like there are equal number of worries and smiles..

Life never does injustice..to me or to you..

Its gives you everything you deserve..

Nothing is ever, ever a due..!




What begins has to end..

What ends begins again..

sorrow paves path for joy..

And joy is interspersed with pain..

Nothing is permanent in life’s lane..!





So keep walking on life’s road..

You will find both flowers and stones..

When you find those stones, never make a wall..

Rise up eleven times, if ten times you fall..!



images (3)

As you keep marching along,

a different energy you will feel..

somewhere beneath all the difficulties..

the waves of strength you will breathe..

🙂 🙂

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Daddy’s Angel :)

My little attempt on writing the feelings of a father..a proud father..for his daughter..whom he loves more than  anything in the world..and one day he has to let her go..to live a new life..!


I still remember the day you were born..

The nurse gave YOU in my arms..

And tears fell down my eyes..

Tears of joy..tears of happiness..on holding a part of me..

On becoming the father of a cute baby doll..

At first I was skeptical of holding you in my arms..

I feared that I might hurt you..for you were soft as a fur..

And amidst that fear..you looked at me..

With big wide eyes..

And smiled..

I felt my heart melt like ice..

And all my fears flew away..

And I smiled too..


It seems like just yesterday,

when you came into our lives..

And its time for you to leave..

To go to a far away place..amongst complete strangers..

Who will soon become your family..

And will love you equally..

Or may be more than the love that I gave you..

The time has come so soon..

My heart aches..it feels pain..and tears fill my eyes..

Feels like I am losing a part of me..

I wish I could keep you with me..for a few more years..

Spend more time with you..

And do everything to keep you happy..


I might not have told you often, how much I love you..

They say men aren’t that great at showing their feelings..

But I know that you know the depth of my love..

No matter, I show it or not!

You know that you are special to me and will always be..

You are my dearest possession..precious than any treasures in the world..

You may have outgrown my lap..

But you will never outgrow my heart..

For me you will always be my sweet little bubbly daughter..

For whose happiness I can do anything in the world..


For me you will always be the one..

Who still clings to me for every little thing she wants..

Who is still a kid at heart..no matter how much she grows up!

Who still holds my fingers while walking..

Who still comes to me for little permissions that she knows mommy won’t give..

Who convinces me for every BIG demand with a LITTLE cute smile..

Who still runs after me for getting those smallest wishes fulfilled..

Who looks upto me for every kind of advise..

Who makes me giggle from deep inside with her crazy acts..

Who is my little bundle of joy..

Who has made me feel blessed and proud of a woman she has become..

Whose one tear breaks my heart into pieces..

Whose one smile still makes my entire day..


 For whom I will always be..

A friend..to share your secrets and problems..

A philosopher..to guide you whenever you seem to loose your path..

A coach..a leader..to support you..

A critic..a mentor..to tell you what’s wrong..

An ATM Machine..

A role model..


And the coolest daddy on earth..!

#DaddyDearest 🙂