Why is it that we r never satisfied with whatever that happens??

Why we always regret the things that didn’t happen and lament on the things that actually did??

Why do we sit back and think of the various reasons for uttering out something nonsensical or not speaking out something at the opportune moment??

Why is it that sometimes we don’t feel like speaking even to our best-est buddies??

Why is it that people don’t realize that we are hurt until we speak it out to them??

Why is it that we don’t realize somebody’s worth until we loose them??

Why is it that we always run after people who don’t care for us and pretend to ignore the ones that actually do??

Why is that we know deep inside that we really care for someone very special but never speak it out??


Why is it that we don’t have the courage to trust people and every time we try that, someone comes and proves us wrong again??

Why is it that we stop interacting to such people without whom we couldn’t even think of a life once??

Why is it that some people we meet today occupy a special place in our lives and we wish to remain in touch with them forever but overlook the ones already occupying that place??

Why is it that we get angry when someone doesn’t call back or reply to our messages and without knowing the fact and trying it yet again we hold that grudge throughout our lives??

Why is it that we want the other one to contact us first in case of a quarrel and set things straight when we ourselves don’t make the first move??

Why is it that some words are always left unspoken and things are left undone quite contrary to our willingness??

Why is it that we sacrifice some of the best things in life for the sake of someone and they don’t even realize??

Why is it that in-spite of being simple and honest, we are always mistaken to be full of attitude and pride??

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Why is it that with every bunch of admirers, we find double the number of critics??

Why is it that things get complicated and we need to give explanations even to our loved ones to save the relation??

Why is it that we think twice before calling or texting some friends thinking they might be busy or might not reply..after all what are friends for..??

Why is it that some people remember us only in their times of need and forget to feel our presence in happier times??

Why is it that we face moments when we cannot speak out what we actually feel and re-frame it as per the listener’s preference??

Why is it that we are never able to rise up to the expectations of some people no matter how hard we try??

Why is it that things never happen as we plan them to take place no matter how well the plans are chalked out??

Why is it that whether we do anything or not, people always have something to comment on??


Why is it that in the process of making some people happy, we always hurt the rest??

Why is it that at some point of time in life we do meet a person who gives us everything we have always wanted but still fail to stop him from leaving??

Why is it that every door seems to be closed in the times of need, when life is in a total mess??

Why is it that we have to put up the best smiling face when inside we feel like dying??

Why is it that we never get what we want and never enjoy what we have??

Why is it that we always loose a “Present” in the hope of a better future??

Why do we lament that good things always happen to “others” and forget that we are amongst those “others” for someone else too??

Why is it that we can’t cry our heart out to our loved ones but do that to the darkness and the pillow??

Why is it that sometimes it takes minutes to speak out what we actually feel but sometimes it takes a lifetime…..??



Sure none of us have the answers to all these questions..

Sure we don’t get everything we have always wanted to have..

Sure we don’t find life as happy and satisfying as we expect it to be..

Sure life is not a bed of roses..and even if it is then definitely not for all..

But one thing we should always remember is-

God never promised us an easy and satisfying life..



And no matter what happens today,

no matter whether or not we find a reason behind everything that happens,

no matter who stays..no matter who leaves..

but LIFE..it Goes ON..!!

it teaches us something everyday..every minute..

and every moment spent is totally WORTH IT..!! :):)

believe in something big. your life is worth a noble motive (walter anderson)