Another duet with a beautiful soul..Shruti Fatehpuria from A Shade of Pen..An amazing writer who wows me with every single piece of her write..This is my attempt to recreate the magic with her..yet again :)


Counting the stars in the night..

I still feel the warmth of sunshine..

With my mind wrapped in a million thoughts..

I wonder if every end is truly a start..!

I try making patterns with the stars in the sky..

And in each one i imagine YOU..

Am I the only one who has been hurt..

Does this end really initiates a new start..?

The stars tell a tale..

Of love, of hurt, of pain, of smiles..

Every emotion clings to my heart..

Why do i need to let go of the past?

The past..that was pleasant..

soothing with its own sweet charm..!

The past that sometimes makes me break down..

and sometimes elates me with ecstasy..

The shine of the stars reflect a light so bright..

That I am lost in thoughts yet again..

even though i make myself ready for a new start!!


Moments come and go..

Each leave a mark of its own..

I am baffled at the impact..

Can this little heart sustain a fresh start??

What if things go awry..

What if i am again trapped..

Will the heart ever heal..

Or will it never again believe in new starts..?

Loads of questions get stuck down deep..

But somehow I still hold on hope..

I have faith that things will be different this time..

Its difficult to erase those memories..

But gradually it will fade..

The faith is strong in my heart..

Yes, I am ready..

Ready for a new start! 🙂

With a faith unwavering, I wipe all tears..

regardless of tomorrow, I walk ahead..

Wherever I will land, I will learn to smile..

Nothing lasts forever and its been a while..

With renewed energy, strong is my heart..

And forward I roll to begin the start.. 🙂

Happy and joyful..I put my steps ahead..

Colors begin to fill my world..

Which had long been lifeless and dead..

I move with all the energy and confidence..

Rising a level more with every single move..

Keep on playing the music of life..

Because I am back and ready to groove 🙂 🙂