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Everyone loves their Mom..at all stages in life..the most selfless creature God could ever create..they do things for us, that we would not do for ourselves! Sometimes I really wonder what makes them do all those things..and the answer is just one.. LOVE..if you ever want to ascertain the definition or quantum of love, you should look at a mother looking at her child..

I love you mommy!

I might not say it often..but you are the world to me..I owe you everything I am today..

and I miss you..if I could do anything in the world to get back the chance of staying with you forever, I would do it..without a thought!


A Devil With(out) a Soul..!!

And we fell in Love..we had the perfect marriage that anyone would dream of..the best designer dresses, favourite music band, red roses and a lot of happy faces all around..we were too excited to wonder how quickly everything had happened..we had met just a few days back and here we were taking the BIG step! We said “I do” like two people who had been waiting since ages to be by each other’s side had been given a lifetime chance to be together..through thick and thin..! I always called him “Devil” for the little mischiefs and pranks he played on me..and each time I did that, he would add “with a soul” with a smirk on his cute face. Now while putting the ring on my finger and tying me to himself for lifetime, he said “with a soul, and now a soulmate too!” and made me blush..!

We were both happy until that day..when the mask he had been wearing all throughout was out in the open and he showed his true colours..!!


Everyone left the room..there was silence and darkness all around..both in the room as well as in my life..I wondered what I had done to deserve this..was saying the truth out loud that punishing rewarding..??

And then there was a creak of the door..a little light followed in..disturbing the darkness..the darkness of the room..the darkness of my life!! I waited to see who had cared enough to turn against the world and walk in when everyone chose to walk out..and I saw his shadow..it didn’t take me long to realize that it was him..! Of’course it was HIM..! who else could it be..!!

I have had a similar sequence in my dream,
but all this would have happened only after I was dead..
Here in reality, I was alive..!
My soul would fly up to heaven and glowing light would enlighten my soul..
In my dreams, it was an angel..
but here in reality, it was the Demon!

He came near me..held me up and said..”You nasty little creature!I How did you even think that you could make my family and friends go against me..Happy now? Now that you know that they believe me and not you..! hah! now stay here till you get back to your senses and realize what a mess you have got yourself into!! Either find a way to clean it up or rot here till the last drop of your blood dries!” His words broke not only the deafening silence of the room but also broke all my hopes of living surviving breathing..!


And he left..I heard the lock on the door moving..the final confirmation that I was captivated..at a place that I once thought to be my own house! The flood of my tears that had been held up for so long, came rushing out..as if the gates of a dam had been opened up! I could no more breathe as if someone had squeezed my lungs or cut the oxygen supply in the room! For once I expected someone..anyone, from the entire crowd standing right outside that door, to believe me..trust me with my words..give me a chance to explain what exactly had happened and not the twisted version that they knew..!

But alas! I felt like the world had ended and I was the only one dying surviving..!!

and now I knew..he really was a DEVIL!
With Without a soul..
and definitely without a soulmate..!!


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Random Ramblings..!


No one can ever take away something from you that you want to have..and by want I mean something like air for your lungs..because without it, it will be difficult to breathe..impossible to live!! You just have to keep trying and never ever stop..no matter what!! 😀 😀
~Be Strong!

I don’t exactly know what being in love feels like..admitting being in love with someone is a big big thing to do..but if it means that that person is always on your mind, you find reasons to talk to him/her, you feel like sharing the slightest events of your day, you can talk to him/her for unstoppable hours and in the end you realize it was all nonsensical, you crave to spend time with them, you have silly fights which just brings you closer..you thought about that one person while reading all these lines..then probably its love baby..!! 🙂 🙂
~Love life!

If people don’t care about you..or stop caring about you all of a sudden..then I guess its time to move on..even if you could have never imagined of the current situation ever happening in your life, its time to move on! Always have a little ego, not a bad one but a healthy one..which does not allow anyone to mess with your self esteem..and if someone persistently does that, its time to move on!! Do not be scared to give up on people..because sometimes its best to leave them in their own world and time for you to start a life without them! Value those who value you..!! 🙂 🙂
~Be strong!

Sometimes you don’t learn things the easy way..life makes sure you learn it the harsh/hard way..but when it does, be strong..because tough times come and go..but tough people stay..! Times change, seasons change and you eventually learn to adapt yourself into the new one every single day! Its time to enjoy what you have..not to brood over what you don’t or can’t..!! 🙂 🙂
~ Love life!

Life..Goes on..!

A duet with Shruti..
we read the first two lines somewhere as a quote
and words started to flow..

My real self wanders elsewhere, far away..
wanders on and on invisibly and has nothing to do with my life..


Wanders into places unknown..
doing the things undone..
relaxing under the serene moonlight..
waking up with the glowing sun!
living a life that’s worth..! 

And yet sometimes I come back
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of what was once my reality
And today, it remains a silhouette of 
My unfulfilled dreams..


Sometimes I sit back and wonder..
Which world is it that I want more..?
The one that makes me smile and sit back in awe..
Or the one that makes me feel down and sore..!

 I try helplessly
And still I fail
Caught in the alternating lanes
Of dreams and reality
Of truth and illusion
And I stand at the edge
Torn amidst desires and nightmares..


 I decide to go on with my life..
As the way it has been so long..
Reality during the day..
And fantasy through the night..
Living in my own world that is unknown..
singing with joy, life’s beautiful song 🙂

 I hum the happy tunes
I smile the broad smile
Only a few people know
Of the tears beneath the eyes
And the loud sound of my cry
In the dead of the night..


 I decide to build a bridge with everything that comes my way..
a tiny pebble or a big stone..
Hiding all the tears and spreading all the smiles..
That’s d way hun, my life goes on  🙂 🙂

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What goes around..comes around!!

An attempt at a story (an excerpt) with a little different style..not sure if  anyone has ever thought/written about it..The uniqueness is that the last paragraph is exactly a copy of the first paragraph albeit read backwards..and still completes the feelings..!

..it made my heart ache..the very thought that you didn’t even care to ask how I was..after all that I have been through..it created a deep hole in my heart..no matter how much I tried to ignore it..no matter how many times I uttered “Huh? Even I give a damn!”, each one came out with a sigh of melancholy and hope..may be you just might ask..may be you have been busy..my heart kept waiting..my eyes were stuck on the phone..still there was nothing from you..I kept waiting for you cause the candle of hope still shimmered through the darkness of my life..I knew that things were not the same as they used to be..somewhere deep down I knew that times had changed and I no more had the right to expect anything from you..sadly, our heart takes a lot of time to accept what the mind already knows..even after everything that had happened between us, those memories never seemed to leave my mind, haunted me every moment..sometimes expecting someone to do something turns out to be as painful as expecting him not to do it at all.. reality and realizations struck me late and in a pretty hard way..my mind had become a twisted place crammed with several thoughts, both dark and sparkling..I just wasn’t sure which thoughts were to be nurtured..
I guess I was just very confused with what I wanted..it was a stage where I was too messed up to be sorted out..!!
I just wasn’t sure which thoughts were to be nurtured..my mind had become a twisted place crammed with several thoughts, both dark and sparkling.. reality and realizations struck me late and in a pretty hard way..sometimes expecting someone to do something turns out to be as painful as expecting him not to do it at all..even after everything that had happened between us, those memories never seemed to leave my mind, haunted me every moment..sadly, our heart takes a lot of time to accept what the mind already knows..somewhere deep down I knew that times had changed and I no more had the right to expect anything from you..I knew that things were not the same as they used to be..I still kept waiting for you cause the candle of hope still shimmered through the darkness of my life..still there was nothing from you..my eyes were stuck on the phone..my heart kept waiting..may be you have been busy..may be you just might ask..no matter how many times I uttered “Huh? Even I give a damn!” each one came out with a sigh of melancholy and hope..no matter how much I tried to ignore it..it created a deep hole in my heart..after all that I have been through..the very thought that you didn’t even care to ask how I was..it made heart ache..
Does it makes sense to you?? 
Your views/comments are welcomed.. 🙂

I opened my eyes with the sun light gleaming on me,

I felt its warmth with a bit of a sting, then I realized it was of a bee..

a realization struck me, of where I was and where I have been,

my thoughts came back and now I wasn’t too keen..!!


A flashback started in my mind and heart,

Flashing the different phases of my life from the start..

Remembering all those good and bad days of life,

I realized that my life has been quite a strife..!!


I remembered my life as a downtown boy,

happy and careless, enjoying with my toy..

I used to sit in my mother’s lap,

she used to happily sing me to a nap..!


My little sister was a bundle of joy,

I could never see tears in her eye..

Her smile made me happy and merrier,

All in all, we were great together.. 🙂 


Rushed through me the memories, when I saw mother cried,

that day the blood in my veins had dried..

I was told about my father whom I never saw

I was told he was a agent of RAW..!!

He had devoted his life in saving Mother Earth,

All I understood was that a life spent for people’s welfare, is a life spent worth..

He hardly had much time for us and my mom..

Who kept waiting for him to come home..!! 😦


Throughout my life I saw my mother suffer in pride,

Because she was a dead soldiers’ bride..

everyone around always had loads to show as pity,

but nothing to help in our household’s nitty gritty..!! 


After my dad, things were pretty tough,

We were walking on life’s road that was hard and rough..

My mother still never showed us the pain,

She protected us from both heat and rain..!!

I studied in a government school,

and I thought it was pretty cool..

as a teenager I was lean and tall,

with me no one dared pick up a brawl..! 😉


After school hours..I joined part time job for money,

And since then there was never a shortage of bread and honey..

However, there was one question that always struck me,

And that was “In life, what I really wanted to be??”


By the time I reached my 20’s, I decided,

to serve my motherland, as my father did..

while the thoughts pumped joy in my heart,

but my mother went algid showing total discomfort!!! 

images (1)

But I was firm, for I knew my aim,

I was all ready..for me it was no game..

I joined the Army..as my dad would have wanted,

to release myself of the memories that haunted..!!


P.S : There is something about army men that always inspires me..their selflessness..kindness..generosity in devoting their entire life for protecting the lives of fellow countrymen..not many have that kind of dedication towards their country..I salute all those people who stay awake all day/night keeping a watch to protect us..so that we can sleep peacefully..

Here is a duet with a friend, DG..He is an amazing writer yet to be a part of the blogosphere..
Part II of the same coming soon..keep waiting 🙂 🙂

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I did not..

realize when and how..

YOU entered my life..

How we ended up..

being the way we are..

All i now know is that..

I have started liking YOU..

more than i ever thought i would..!

P.S. I love you!


I could not see when it happened..

I didn’t realize when my heart was lost..

I didn’t even know..

it was singing the tunes..

which made the melody..

melodious again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!

Here I am today..

Thinking about YOU..

almost the entire day..

Dreaming about YOU..

almost the entire night..

Wondering where have YOU been all these years..

And thanking God..

that finally YOU are here! 🙂 🙂

P.S. I love you!you_complete_me_by_llarissa-d473gpl

Once here..

YOU will be always with me..

Nothing can ever come in between..

I wonder what will happen..

when times end..

will our love outstay our own story??

Or will it end..

and never be heard again?? 😦

P.S. I love you!

Whenever such thoughts pass by..

Worries take over..

the thrill and enjoyment..

But that wink of YOUR eye..

and the curve of YOUR lips..

Seem to take away all my fears..

And makes my heart fly again.. 🙂

P.S. I love you!


It is YOUR love that rocks my world..

The only stone that keeps me firm..

When the rest of my life is a mess..

YOU still make me glitter..

with hope..!

P.S. I love you!

A hope that i know..

will last forever..

A hope i can blindly have faith on amongst all the strife!

I am so happy to have found YOU my angel..

With each passing day..

my love increases a step more..

Both for YOU and for my own life..! 🙂

P.S. I love you!images (1)


P.S : For everyone who has missed me, I am back..after almost a month of unexplained absence..have been a little lost for a while..work and other priorities..writing may have taken a backseat but its still there..guess it can never ever go..have been giving words to imagination all throughout..and that thought makes me happy! 🙂 and nothing better than “YOU” which kind of explains the long absence..somehow you can never pen down some feelings..no matter how hard you try..this is a vague attempt..probably not even close to the real feelings one might have on these occasions..but still..somehow portrays the emotions one can imagine to happen..This is another duet with Shruti..somehow this girl understands everything I ever want to say..I love you! Click on her name to visit her awesome blog..

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Are You Ready..??

This one contains everything I can think of at the moment..Loved it! 🙂

Feel good, take it easy, ignore the unwanted, eat, roam, meet people, read, do the things you love, help people, laugh your heart out, eat till you feel like vomiting, sing like a crazy frog, dance like a duck gone crazier than the frog and don’t forget to thank God for everything! 🙂 🙂

Are you ready to live this kind of life for the rest of your life..?? 🙂


 Life is not about the number of moments you breathe..Its all about the number of moments that take your breath away..So live it..love it 🙂 🙂

I have Changed..!!

Sitting by the window pane..watching the raindrops fall..

Several thoughts flash in my mind..

And they make me think that I have changed..! 


I used to love my friends a lot..

They meant the entire world to me..

But soon I found out their true feelings..

And heard them speak ill about me

So I gradually stopped caring for them..

And the conversation melted down to just some formal talks..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



I used to poke my nose in every trifle matter..

Used to give loads of unwanted suggestions and advise..

(because I really thought them to be my own)

Nobody took me seriously..and nobody seemed to care..

And now, I don’t utter an unwanted word..

They say I am not interactive and I don’t speak my thoughts out..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



I used to think about others before thinking about myself..

Used to care about people a lot..

But, sadly, I could never get that concern in return..

Infact often got to know facts from others, which I expected to be informed first..

So I became silent..never spoke out my plans well..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..


they_say_i've-118039 In the beginning I think I was trying to be clever..

Because I was trying to change the entire world to suit my own needs..

But now I am learning to be wise..

So I am trying to change myself..

I am trying to have faith in the thought that says..

“Its easier to protect your feet with slippers..

Than to carpet the entire Earth..”


And so..

When they say I an garrulous and infuriating,

I keep mum..

When they say I don’t vent out my opinions..

I can’t and I actually don’t want to..

But still I try to..!

When they find a fault in me..

I try hard not to give them another such chance..

I think I have stopped living my life my way..

And I am trying to live it their way (silly me)

I now say things, which I otherwise wouldn’t say..

I now do things, which I otherwise wouldn’t do..

I now speak to such people, which I otherwise wouldn’t talk to..

I am now in company of such people, which I otherwise would never think of..

i_didn't_change,_you_just_never_knew_me-560513 And even after all this..

What I get to hear is that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



The Dreaming Soul

A beautiful dreamy trio with two beautiful blogger friends..Rahul and Shruti..Both of them have amazing blogs..Click on their names to visit their poetic world..!! 🙂 🙂



As I got down from the Train

I saw so many new faces

Every person had a tale to share

Every person had something to tell

I stood there trapped in the lane

Looking to hold on to that 

Which silently slipped again and again..


I tried again, tried real hard..

But there was something that was not visible to my eye..

Something that I could feel was there..

Somewhere near..

It called me in many ways..

And I went among the crowd..

To a direction unknown..!




Finally, I found him there

With a completely new face

And a much better outfit.

He is not a kid anymore,

Though I loved the way he looked like.

It kept me standing there for a few seconds,

But with a hope to understand who am I??


There was something surreal about the reflection

I couldn’t pin what it meant

Was he a part of my inner soul

Or was I dreaming with open eyes

With so much to ponder 

With so much to think

I got lost in the thoughts

As I forgot to blink..



Several memories flashed by..

I didn’t know which one to relate..

I was lost in my own thoughts..

Lost in my own world..

When suddenly somebody pushed me accidentally..

I got a little confused..

Coming to reality with a sudden knock..!!


Gosh! Where the hell am I?

Either in a dreamy or real world?

What happened to me?

Where is my inner soul?

This was not an unexpected reality,

But a painful alarm I had been waiting for.

My identity was hidden behind his shadow.

Perhaps, this moment has a few more things to tell about myself..!