I wish I could reduce the distance between you and me..

Simply by folding a road map,

Or by getting wings behind my back..

Or having Aladin’s carpet that would take be beside you,

I wouldn’t leave a single chance, to be next to you..

Still holding on hope, though I know all this doesn’t happen in real life..

But who knows, I might just get lucky enough..!

(yeah! Love gives you those insane hopes too..!) 🙂


And till it does, we will carry on the way things have been,

For the distance is only in miles,

not in our hearts..

May be not in person, but we will meet everyday as we already do,

In our thoughts, in our talks, in dreams and hopes..

in every single thing we do..

we will share our days, share our lives,

with your thoughts in my mind,

I will go on long drives..

(inner me says “lonnnnggggggggg drives 🙂 )


The thought of meeting you again, keeps me going,

And will keep doing so..

And our memories will keep making me smile,

Whenever I feel down and low..

I pray to the Almighty, to keep you happy and safe..

And hold you up in situations, when I am not there..

I am counting hours and minutes here,

waiting for you to show,

I love you a lot, I know that you already know..

My love for you will never change,

no matter how long we stay apart,

You will keep holding that special place,

you will always be there in my heart 🙂