My attempt at a duet..with Rahul from myindividualinsights..(

He is like a little brother to has been an absolute pleasure knowing him..!

It amazes me how we came up with a beautiful piece of poem in our first attempt..This poem is all about longing for love and finding it along 🙂

I like the way this entire piece flows..enjoy the journey..

She keeps looking at me..

Although I’m so busy here..

But her febrile senses reflects..

Compels me to spend a few minutes with my love..

She comes closer to me..Hugs me in a much tighter way than ever before..

Her beautiful eyes crosses with mine, And yells again for a stranger’s look!


I see him stuck up with loads of work..

But that’s what always takes up his entire day ..

This time I feel the nerve that he’ll reciprocate love to me..

To him, from his work, my love will sway..

I go up to him meaning to spend some time together..

The time when it’s just the two of us..

getting lost in each other’s eyes..


I can’t take my breath away from her now!

She needs the whole eminent glitters of love from my side..

For me, your presence is always so special..

Inconceivable by anyone love!

Come on!  This means a lot to us..

don’t stay apart from your man!

Love me as far as you can..


You’re the love of my life..

The reason of my being…my other part..

Nobody can even reach near..

The special place you occupy in my heart!

Love is an eternal bliss they say, and I found it so true..

Everything I was looking for in a man..

I found it in you..! I found it in you..!!