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H.E.A.R.T <3

Whenever I feel low, emotions start pouring..

And take the form of words..etched on the beaten wooden pulp..

Helps me vent out the overflowing feelings..

Which, somehow, couldn’t flow through mouth..flows through ink..

Which, somehow, could not find a listener..finds a reader..

Does that mean I have a poet’s heart..?? 

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Whenever it drizzles..it reminds me of you..

memories of our togetherness haunt me down the old rusty lanes..

and I imagine if those moments could ever be re-created or re-lived..

MOMENTS..that used to lighten and brighten my deep dark gloomy soul..

moments that have been more than just that..may be an entire life..!

Does that mean I have a dreamer’s heart..?? 


Whenever I see loved ones together..lost madly and deeply in each other’s eyes..

I imagine if somebody would ever find me..or I would find someone like that..

Someone to accompany me in those long serene walks down the beach..

Someone to hold me when I feel low..scared and lost..

Someone who calls me princess when I actually look like a total mess..!

Does that mean I have a lover’s heart..??


 Sometimes I feel like an alien..stepped out of my own planet..

Somehow trying to fit amongst people I don’t really belong with..

I fail to feel things..react at things..in ways it should be done..

Makes me wonder if there’s something wrong with me or the entire world..!

I feel weird amongst those smiling and crying images moving around me..

Does that mean I have a loner’s heart..??


Wait..do I really have a H.E.A.R.T..??



What makes you sad?

I came across these beautiful cartoon images the other day..These cartoons are based on various sentiments..It is said that sadness decreases when it is shared..so here I chose Sadness and am posting 10 of those which make me sad..which I think sadden me the most..!!!

1. Getting up EARLY..for work or for any possible reason on Earth..

getting up early is a strict NO on the to-do list!

I can be awake till 4 am but waking up at 4 am sucks! 😦


2.  Now that’s the reason for sadness No. 1..

Days seem to run opposite..I sleep fresh..and wake up dozy eyed! 😦 😦3

3.  Okay I know saying sorry does not take time..

but sometimes its just HARD..

and it hurts me almost equally as much as the person at the other end..!! 😦1234920_374997852603436_116858604_n (1)

4.  It almost takes forever to grow a nail..and then I eat it when I am thinking/working/watching T.V or just doing anything..That nail goes between those sharp teeth..n cuttt!! 😦 😦8

5.  I wonder why does it get tough to even exchange a “Hello” with someone you almost shared your life with..#StrangelyWeirdAndWeirdlyStrange..!! 😦


6.  I have a bad habit of keeping my phone on a “silent” mode..I too, wonder why! And then I keep running up and down the house to find it..!! And it has been found at most weird places! In the kitchen (though I hardly cook), inside the wardrobe (just because I opened it to take out a dress) or between the sofa seats (that’s where I dropped it while watching T.V) Phew! 😦 😦4

7.  Now this one I am sure makes everyone sad..You seem to share your entire world with your best friend only to find out that he/she has found another one..!! Saddens me big time!! 😦


8.  Okay..even this is pretty common..somehow no one seems to like what they do..common human tendency..there are very few who really love their work.Lucky ones! But still we are all stuck..for many reasons..!

Life is “Leaving the house in the morning, dressed in clothes that you bought on credit card for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, putting in petrol that you cannot afford, in order to get to the job that you hate, but need it so badly so that you can pay for the clothes, car, petrol and the house that you leave empty the whole day, in order to live in it..!! 6

9.  This one happens too..! specially when I have had a bad hair day! The whole day I feel that I am looking like a princess only to come back home to realize what a mess I have been..!! 😦


10.  I wish it wasn’t that tough! 😦 😦1238025_377628312340390_877260028_n

11. Okay I planned on making this a top 10 list but this one was too hard to ignore..It happened with me a few days back..and it hurts real bad..when the stuff you just bought is now available at less that half of its price 😦 #sob!


Tell me what makes you sad??

P.S. I came across this amazing website..lastlemon.com.. It contains some really nice cartoon images..They have specific pages on Facebook too! Visit them and you will love it!

Image source : Lastlemon.com and their Facebook  page #itsthesadpage