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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Writing for you, from my heart,
To be honest, I don’t know where to start!
(you know what I mean right “Miss TT”? :p)
You came into my life from nowhere and since then it has never been the same!
With you I have had so many perfect moments, that I could frame! 🙂

The love and care you give, the amazing personality that you are!
With you, I am happy, to have come this far!
Its not often that I write/say sweet words for you,
But when I do it, you know, I mean it, I really do!
(hard to believe eh? )

You make me smile, you drive away my tears,
(Though you did make me cry once..forgiveness granted :p)
You are the perfect example for how a true friend cares!
(or should I write true Mom? :p)

You are weird, you are stupid and crazy,

Thanks for making us friends Miss Lazy.!.
(yeah its the reference to shorty in the group :p I am gonna be killed for this!)
All I want to say is, never ever change, I would never allow!
because the original you baby, is just WOW!
(Read Saifu style :p)

I appreciate you for staying with me, when I asked you to be there by my side..
and I LOVE you for staying with me, when you did it without asking!
I appreciate you for lending a ear, when I had loads to say..
and I LOVE you for understanding me, even when I had nothing to say!
I don’t say it often..I don’t say it to many!
But yes you are the one who gives my Mondays a Friday Feel..! 😀 😀


You are a beautiful soul my friend..!
And..I Love you! 🙂 🙂


Random Ramblings..!


No one can ever take away something from you that you want to have..and by want I mean something like air for your lungs..because without it, it will be difficult to breathe..impossible to live!! You just have to keep trying and never ever stop..no matter what!! 😀 😀
~Be Strong!

I don’t exactly know what being in love feels like..admitting being in love with someone is a big big thing to do..but if it means that that person is always on your mind, you find reasons to talk to him/her, you feel like sharing the slightest events of your day, you can talk to him/her for unstoppable hours and in the end you realize it was all nonsensical, you crave to spend time with them, you have silly fights which just brings you closer..you thought about that one person while reading all these lines..then probably its love baby..!! 🙂 🙂
~Love life!

If people don’t care about you..or stop caring about you all of a sudden..then I guess its time to move on..even if you could have never imagined of the current situation ever happening in your life, its time to move on! Always have a little ego, not a bad one but a healthy one..which does not allow anyone to mess with your self esteem..and if someone persistently does that, its time to move on!! Do not be scared to give up on people..because sometimes its best to leave them in their own world and time for you to start a life without them! Value those who value you..!! 🙂 🙂
~Be strong!

Sometimes you don’t learn things the easy way..life makes sure you learn it the harsh/hard way..but when it does, be strong..because tough times come and go..but tough people stay..! Times change, seasons change and you eventually learn to adapt yourself into the new one every single day! Its time to enjoy what you have..not to brood over what you don’t or can’t..!! 🙂 🙂
~ Love life!

Save trees! Save the planet!

This is an article written as a part of project on increasing commercialization leading to indiscriminate cutting of trees. It emphasizes on the benefits of trees, their uses and importance in maintaining a healthy life balance.


Trees are an important part of society and community. Along with furnishing us with the basic essentials for life like food, oxygen, shelter, medicine, tools, they also satisfy the needs created by our modern ways of living. The value of trees has been increasing ever since more and more benefits are being discovered.

Trees provide us shade and shelter, help in moderating the climate, preserving soil, supporting wildlife, reducing pollution and in many other ways. Trees create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere around us.  They make our landscape look beautiful..indeed priceless.

However, the population explosion and expansion of commercial areas has resulted in massive pruning of trees. People are continuously cutting trees for developmental activities like making houses, commercial buildings, parking lots and we are moving a step further in destroying the planet by loosing the most valuable resource of the environment.

mf0zqtYHave we ever thought what would happen if there were no trees on Earth?

Global warming will increase leading to melting of glaciers and a rise in sea level. This will disturb the entire chain of life on earth.

The water cycle will get disturbed, many species of animals will loose their habitats and we will in turn loose the huge bio-diversity that we are now proud of.

What would we provide to the generations yet unborn with, if there were no parks, playgrounds and backyards? How will they feel connected to Nature and Mother Earth?

Trees are the lungs through which we breathe. Where would oxygen come  for mankind  to breathe?

Are we sure that we can settle with more buildings, more commercial houses, more paved streets and less of trees?


It is time to re-think the action of cutting down trees for development of a nation. It is difficult or rather impossible to sustain life on Earth without trees and it is not possible to find alternatives to trees. It is also our responsibility to pass on to the future generations, the benefits we were provided with, by nature.

It is time to save the trees. Our small efforts can save the environment. All it needs is a start!

If not Earth then where do we think life will exist?

If we do not take any action today, then when will the appropriate time come?

If not us then who else will work towards their preservation?

Its time to act. Hurry because time is running fast!

Save trees, Save the Planet 🙂

earth copy

Ekphrastic poetry..its all about the emotions and words that flow on seeing a picture..

My first attempt on the beautiful picture by Gawie Richter from A Blog’s Life. Gawie is an amazing artist and his pictures are absolutely breathtaking!

The words below are straight from my heart.. being a part of the corporate world, I realize that these are the feelings majority of us have..there is always a lack of time..for family, friends, loved ones and even for self..Many feelings are left unsaid and things are left undone..and still it continues..

All i say is that once in a while it is important to take a break..sit back and track the path life has been taking..

Ask yourself :

Is this the life that I had dreamt of..??

Am I really happy doing what I do for almost 10-12 hours a day..??

Is life vaguely going the way I had imagined it five years back..??

Will I be happy if I sit back and look at it five years from now..??

When was the last time I did something for the first time..??

And if you feel satisfied with what your heart says..then my friend..consider yourself as one of the luckiest human on earth..

And if no..then its time to ACT..!


I look outside the window..

Trying to find some air!

Seems like years or ages so..

Since I have been stuck up here..!!

Work-sleep-food is what describes..

Almost my entire day..!

There is so much to see outside..

I don’t know what still makes me stay..!!

Feels like I am all alone in the world..

Nobody else seems to exist..!!

So much has been done, so much left to do..

My life has become a “to do” list..!!

Once in a while I do wish..

To look at the grass, the sky!

To feel what it is to LIVE..

To dance in the rain..to shine, to fly..!!

These are just a few things..

Of the many that I crave..!

Seems like I am no more human..

All I am is a corporate slave..!!

Stuck in a room in front of a screen..

With nothing but slogging the entire day..!

I wish to end this slavery soon..

But there are reasons many, that make me stay..!!

Once in a while I plan to take a b-r-e-a-k..

From the boring mundane routine..!

To think of who I really am..

To realize who I have been..!!

P.S. I have intentionally put the entire piece in Green..because green symbolizes HOPE..

May all of us be blessed with a beautiful life 🙂 🙂