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A Devil With(out) a Soul..!!

And we fell in Love..we had the perfect marriage that anyone would dream of..the best designer dresses, favourite music band, red roses and a lot of happy faces all around..we were too excited to wonder how quickly everything had happened..we had met just a few days back and here we were taking the BIG step! We said “I do” like two people who had been waiting since ages to be by each other’s side had been given a lifetime chance to be together..through thick and thin..! I always called him “Devil” for the little mischiefs and pranks he played on me..and each time I did that, he would add “with a soul” with a smirk on his cute face. Now while putting the ring on my finger and tying me to himself for lifetime, he said “with a soul, and now a soulmate too!” and made me blush..!

We were both happy until that day..when the mask he had been wearing all throughout was out in the open and he showed his true colours..!!


Everyone left the room..there was silence and darkness all around..both in the room as well as in my life..I wondered what I had done to deserve this..was saying the truth out loud that punishing rewarding..??

And then there was a creak of the door..a little light followed in..disturbing the darkness..the darkness of the room..the darkness of my life!! I waited to see who had cared enough to turn against the world and walk in when everyone chose to walk out..and I saw his shadow..it didn’t take me long to realize that it was him..! Of’course it was HIM..! who else could it be..!!

I have had a similar sequence in my dream,
but all this would have happened only after I was dead..
Here in reality, I was alive..!
My soul would fly up to heaven and glowing light would enlighten my soul..
In my dreams, it was an angel..
but here in reality, it was the Demon!

He came near me..held me up and said..”You nasty little creature!I How did you even think that you could make my family and friends go against me..Happy now? Now that you know that they believe me and not you..! hah! now stay here till you get back to your senses and realize what a mess you have got yourself into!! Either find a way to clean it up or rot here till the last drop of your blood dries!” His words broke not only the deafening silence of the room but also broke all my hopes of living surviving breathing..!


And he left..I heard the lock on the door moving..the final confirmation that I was captivated..at a place that I once thought to be my own house! The flood of my tears that had been held up for so long, came rushing out..as if the gates of a dam had been opened up! I could no more breathe as if someone had squeezed my lungs or cut the oxygen supply in the room! For once I expected someone..anyone, from the entire crowd standing right outside that door, to believe me..trust me with my words..give me a chance to explain what exactly had happened and not the twisted version that they knew..!

But alas! I felt like the world had ended and I was the only one dying surviving..!!

and now I knew..he really was a DEVIL!
With Without a soul..
and definitely without a soulmate..!!


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Hello everyone..its been weeks, months, ages since I posted here..yeah have been kinda busy but that’s no excuse..anyways, this one comes as a duet from me and a very special friend SS..It begins with a famous quote by Lang Leav..its more of the the thought continued..Happy Reading! 🙂

“It was a question I had worn on my lips for days – like a loose thread on my favourite sweater I couldn’t resist pulling – despite knowing it could all unravel around me.

“Do you love me?” I ask.
In your hesitation I found my answer.”


and then in that moment, I felt like turning back the last few seconds of my life..
I wish those words never left my mouth..
I wish I hadn’t really asked that question..!
The question that changed ME..!!
I guess living in the myth was much better than living with reality slapped on my face!!

But what was done, was done!

I knew I had to live with it..because I could not imagine a life without her!!
though I could not make her love me, I could not let her go!
she was an important a part of me..like oxygen for my lungs..
her one smile made my entire day..
and I could stay far but could not just break off !!


I wondered, what was the feeling inside her when I had been loving her all thoughout!
What did she feel about :
the happiness that we felt inside us whenever we were together?
Those endless chats whole night with no sleep in the eyes?
those unsaid things that we understood .. just by looking into each other’s eyes?
Was all this not Love for her??
Well may be not..but for me it was like staying with an angel in heaven..
There is nothing more I could ask from my life!!

And we decided to continue being friends.. little aloof but not away..!

I could still see her everyday..we still exchanged greetings..
for me, being around her was far more meaningful than giving a name to our relationship! 

All I ever wanted was to be around her..to take care of her..
and to be there.. whether needed or not..!!

broken heart boy setting alone

and then one day..she came to me..with a little serious look on her face..
I wondered if she had been in trouble..
We sat down and she said “We cannot be friends anymore..!!”
and my entire world crashed down..I almost had tears in my eyes..!

but she stopped them and then jumping, beaming with happiness,
she fell in my arms and uttered those words I had been dying to hear
 “Stupid! We cannot be friends anymore because I have fallen in Love with you!”

and she sat down on her knees, and in the most gentlemanly manner she said :
“Will you marry me?”

And I yelled out a YYYEESSSSSSSS!! 🙂


And I am happy that I kept clinging to that vague hope..
the hope that kept me going since that dreadful day..

probably the only hope that was left in me..
because Love, as they say, NEVER EVER dies!!

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The “DAY” had come..the guests all arrived,

to the smell of flowers and the tunes of music, I happily jived..

She came towards me, ravishing in a flowing white gown,

with all the nervousness and excitement going on inside me, I felt like a clown..

(probably I even did look like one in front of her stunning beauty..lucky me to have her!)


With flowers in her hand and her father by her side,

She walked towards be, to be MY BRIDE.. 🙂 🙂

Oh! how beautiful she looked, I couldn’t take my eyes off her,

n I just couldn’t wait, to spend the rest of my life, with her..

The priest was ready..and so were WE,

To be tied in a knot, that would forever be..

I uttered all my PROMISES, all the feelings that I have always wished to,

and with all the happiness n butterflies in my heart, I said “I DO..” 🙂 🙂

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The priest then turned to her, expecting to hear the same,

BUT she stood there SILENT, her head down in shame..

Everyone (including me) gazed at her, with confusion and astonishment in their eyes,

Suddenly it felt I had been living a dream all along, from which I was about to rise..

Tears rolled down her rosy pink cheeks as we looked at each other in the eyes,

While I stood baffled, not having the slightest idea that I was about to be taken by a surprise..!

She waited for a moment, God knows thinking what! before fixing her eyes on me..

With everything she had inside her, she said she COULDN’T MARRY ME..!!!!

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A shiver ran down my spine, and I could not believe my own ears,

whispers ran down all across the hall, where there should have been Cheers..!!

I looked at her in the eyes..meaning to ask her “WHY..??”

but she did not utter a word, all she did was CRY..!!

A minute ago I had felt like the happiest man on the Earth..

(for marrying my dream girl..what else a man wants!)

and now, all I could feel was pain and trust me IT HURT..!!!!

With teary poignant eyes, she ran down the aisle..

And in that single moment the ship of our lives drowned, which hadn’t even started to sail..!!


Today was the day I was flying on Cloud 99..or may be even high,

Not knowing that the day I had thought I’d start to live, was the day I was about to die..

I felt every bone in my body crack, felt every single cell die,

Astounded, shaken and shattered, I could not even cry..!!

All the memories flashed before my eyes, the happiness, the laughters, the sorrows, the joy..

n I suddenly felt that my part in her story was over, for her I was a mere toy..!!

But somewhere deep down, my heart STILL believed, that she would turn back to me..

All that had happened would turn out to be a bad dream and she would come running back to me.. 🙂


Soon I realized I was hoping against hope..for a miracle that just wasn’t meant to be..

For in God’s books, it was just “me” and “her”, and never an “us” or “we”.. 😦

With every broken piece of my heart, I still thought about her, about her reasons for leaving me..

and even more than that what I cared for was, thinking that probably “THIS” made her happy..!!

The crowd all dispersed and the guests all returned..

n I was still trying to decipher ways to shake off the weight, with which my heart would be forever burdened..!!

I lost all my faith in LOVE..if it ever was, if anywhere in the world it exists..

From the moment she left me alone..with the BROKEN PROMISE..!!


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