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Dedicated to all the soldiers and army men who stake their life every moment to protect ours..


When you go home..tell them of US and say..

For your tomorrow, we gave our today..!!



Are You Ready..??

This one contains everything I can think of at the moment..Loved it! 🙂

Feel good, take it easy, ignore the unwanted, eat, roam, meet people, read, do the things you love, help people, laugh your heart out, eat till you feel like vomiting, sing like a crazy frog, dance like a duck gone crazier than the frog and don’t forget to thank God for everything! 🙂 🙂

Are you ready to live this kind of life for the rest of your life..?? 🙂


 Life is not about the number of moments you breathe..Its all about the number of moments that take your breath away..So live it 🙂 🙂

I have Changed..!!

Sitting by the window pane..watching the raindrops fall..

Several thoughts flash in my mind..

And they make me think that I have changed..! 


I used to love my friends a lot..

They meant the entire world to me..

But soon I found out their true feelings..

And heard them speak ill about me

So I gradually stopped caring for them..

And the conversation melted down to just some formal talks..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



I used to poke my nose in every trifle matter..

Used to give loads of unwanted suggestions and advise..

(because I really thought them to be my own)

Nobody took me seriously..and nobody seemed to care..

And now, I don’t utter an unwanted word..

They say I am not interactive and I don’t speak my thoughts out..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



I used to think about others before thinking about myself..

Used to care about people a lot..

But, sadly, I could never get that concern in return..

Infact often got to know facts from others, which I expected to be informed first..

So I became silent..never spoke out my plans well..

And then they all say that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..


they_say_i've-118039 In the beginning I think I was trying to be clever..

Because I was trying to change the entire world to suit my own needs..

But now I am learning to be wise..

So I am trying to change myself..

I am trying to have faith in the thought that says..

“Its easier to protect your feet with slippers..

Than to carpet the entire Earth..”


And so..

When they say I an garrulous and infuriating,

I keep mum..

When they say I don’t vent out my opinions..

I can’t and I actually don’t want to..

But still I try to..!

When they find a fault in me..

I try hard not to give them another such chance..

I think I have stopped living my life my way..

And I am trying to live it their way (silly me)

I now say things, which I otherwise wouldn’t say..

I now do things, which I otherwise wouldn’t do..

I now speak to such people, which I otherwise wouldn’t talk to..

I am now in company of such people, which I otherwise would never think of..

i_didn't_change,_you_just_never_knew_me-560513 And even after all this..

What I get to hear is that I have changed..

If that’s what you call a change..



This is a hilarious video/audio I came accross..!

Background details : Little Becky is from Dublin. Her real name is Rebecca Barry. She used to work for 98FM station Dublin. Actually she has made more than 200 prank calls and this school-demolition is the best one.

This will blow you too! 😛 😛 Enjoy!!

Video Source : Youtube 🙂

A beautiful dreamy trio with two beautiful blogger friends..Rahul and Shruti..Both of them have amazing blogs..Click on their names to visit their poetic world..!! 🙂 🙂



As I got down from the Train

I saw so many new faces

Every person had a tale to share

Every person had something to tell

I stood there trapped in the lane

Looking to hold on to that 

Which silently slipped again and again..


I tried again, tried real hard..

But there was something that was not visible to my eye..

Something that I could feel was there..

Somewhere near..

It called me in many ways..

And I went among the crowd..

To a direction unknown..!




Finally, I found him there

With a completely new face

And a much better outfit.

He is not a kid anymore,

Though I loved the way he looked like.

It kept me standing there for a few seconds,

But with a hope to understand who am I??


There was something surreal about the reflection

I couldn’t pin what it meant

Was he a part of my inner soul

Or was I dreaming with open eyes

With so much to ponder 

With so much to think

I got lost in the thoughts

As I forgot to blink..



Several memories flashed by..

I didn’t know which one to relate..

I was lost in my own thoughts..

Lost in my own world..

When suddenly somebody pushed me accidentally..

I got a little confused..

Coming to reality with a sudden knock..!!


Gosh! Where the hell am I?

Either in a dreamy or real world?

What happened to me?

Where is my inner soul?

This was not an unexpected reality,

But a painful alarm I had been waiting for.

My identity was hidden behind his shadow.

Perhaps, this moment has a few more things to tell about myself..!

The Secret Crush (Part II)..This was written after the sad depressing end in Part I. Click here to read Part I.

I personally believe that if its not happy, then its not the end.. 🙂 



Stuck with loads of memories deep down,

She gradually tried to recover from the pain..

In the attempt to forget him, she remembered him all the more,

And nothing much did she gain..!


Seasons changed, years passed,

Things went on and days went by..

Finally somebody came and her heart again skipped a beat,

And she fell in love with this guy..!


Smile returned to her face..which had been sad for long time now..

All those moments of loneliness and tears, now got replaced by smiles..

She again felt herself going through that phase (of love)

And with him she was ready to walk miles and miles..!


 It was again time for happiness and flowers..

And this time she made sure..she spoke her feelings out..

One day while sitting near the beach in each other’s arms,

With all her courage, she proposed him aloud..!


It turned out that the guy was in love with her too,

The words were all said..the feelings all expressed..

They both laughed and cried at the same time,

The foundation of their new relationship was laid.. 


 They had a picture perfect wedding with family and friends all around,

With the feelings being expressed, both were at gain..

They promised to be together in good and bad days,

And there was happiness and happiness all over again.. 🙂 🙂

What makes you sad?

I came across these beautiful cartoon images the other day..These cartoons are based on various sentiments..It is said that sadness decreases when it is here I chose Sadness and am posting 10 of those which make me sad..which I think sadden me the most..!!!

1. Getting up EARLY..for work or for any possible reason on Earth..

getting up early is a strict NO on the to-do list!

I can be awake till 4 am but waking up at 4 am sucks! 😦


2.  Now that’s the reason for sadness No. 1..

Days seem to run opposite..I sleep fresh..and wake up dozy eyed! 😦 😦3

3.  Okay I know saying sorry does not take time..

but sometimes its just HARD..

and it hurts me almost equally as much as the person at the other end..!! 😦1234920_374997852603436_116858604_n (1)

4.  It almost takes forever to grow a nail..and then I eat it when I am thinking/working/watching T.V or just doing anything..That nail goes between those sharp teeth..n cuttt!! 😦 😦8

5.  I wonder why does it get tough to even exchange a “Hello” with someone you almost shared your life with..#StrangelyWeirdAndWeirdlyStrange..!! 😦


6.  I have a bad habit of keeping my phone on a “silent” mode..I too, wonder why! And then I keep running up and down the house to find it..!! And it has been found at most weird places! In the kitchen (though I hardly cook), inside the wardrobe (just because I opened it to take out a dress) or between the sofa seats (that’s where I dropped it while watching T.V) Phew! 😦 😦4

7.  Now this one I am sure makes everyone sad..You seem to share your entire world with your best friend only to find out that he/she has found another one..!! Saddens me big time!! 😦


8.  Okay..even this is pretty common..somehow no one seems to like what they do..common human tendency..there are very few who really love their work.Lucky ones! But still we are all stuck..for many reasons..!

Life is “Leaving the house in the morning, dressed in clothes that you bought on credit card for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, putting in petrol that you cannot afford, in order to get to the job that you hate, but need it so badly so that you can pay for the clothes, car, petrol and the house that you leave empty the whole day, in order to live in it..!! 6

9.  This one happens too..! specially when I have had a bad hair day! The whole day I feel that I am looking like a princess only to come back home to realize what a mess I have been..!! 😦


10.  I wish it wasn’t that tough! 😦 😦1238025_377628312340390_877260028_n

11. Okay I planned on making this a top 10 list but this one was too hard to ignore..It happened with me a few days back..and it hurts real bad..when the stuff you just bought is now available at less that half of its price 😦 #sob!


Tell me what makes you sad??

P.S. I came across this amazing It contains some really nice cartoon images..They have specific pages on Facebook too! Visit them and you will love it!

Image source : and their Facebook  page #itsthesadpage 

I loved writing this one..Another duet with Shruti, a beloved soul..someone who I look upto..She has a beautiful blog..Drop by her blog by Clicking here to be mesmerised by her poems..! I bet she will wow you 🙂


images (2)

In the play of life..there are equal number of truths and lies..

Just like there are equal number of worries and smiles..

Life never does me or to you..

Its gives you everything you deserve..

Nothing is ever, ever a due..!




What begins has to end..

What ends begins again..

sorrow paves path for joy..

And joy is interspersed with pain..

Nothing is permanent in life’s lane..!





So keep walking on life’s road..

You will find both flowers and stones..

When you find those stones, never make a wall..

Rise up eleven times, if ten times you fall..!



images (3)

As you keep marching along,

a different energy you will feel..

somewhere beneath all the difficulties..

the waves of strength you will breathe..

🙂 🙂

Image Source : Google Images


This is a collection of some of the most beautiful quotes I came across..I think you will like them too! 🙂 🙂


1 (2)



6 (3)





8 (2)




Image Source : Google Images

WordPress Family Award :D

Another one! yaaayyyyyy! There is something about these awards that excites me 🙂 It makes me happy..very happy..I would like to thank Deepa for this one! She has a beautiful blog..Click here to read more about her inspiring stories! wordpressfamilyaward-www-inspiringevolution-wordpress-com

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I would like to pass this on to every blogger friend. Everyone deserves a warm welcome and appreciation..

So feel free to tag yourself for this award from my end.. 🙂 🙂


Keep smiling 😀