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Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Writing for you, from my heart,
To be honest, I don’t know where to start!
(you know what I mean right “Miss TT”? :p)
You came into my life from nowhere and since then it has never been the same!
With you I have had so many perfect moments, that I could frame! 🙂

The love and care you give, the amazing personality that you are!
With you, I am happy, to have come this far!
Its not often that I write/say sweet words for you,
But when I do it, you know, I mean it, I really do!
(hard to believe eh? )

You make me smile, you drive away my tears,
(Though you did make me cry once..forgiveness granted :p)
You are the perfect example for how a true friend cares!
(or should I write true Mom? :p)

You are weird, you are stupid and crazy,

Thanks for making us friends Miss Lazy.!.
(yeah its the reference to shorty in the group :p I am gonna be killed for this!)
All I want to say is, never ever change, I would never allow!
because the original you baby, is just WOW!
(Read Saifu style :p)

I appreciate you for staying with me, when I asked you to be there by my side..
and I LOVE you for staying with me, when you did it without asking!
I appreciate you for lending a ear, when I had loads to say..
and I LOVE you for understanding me, even when I had nothing to say!
I don’t say it often..I don’t say it to many!
But yes you are the one who gives my Mondays a Friday Feel..! 😀 😀


You are a beautiful soul my friend..!
And..I Love you! 🙂 🙂


The Rhyming Conversation..!

This is a conversation I had with an amazing friend..Devendra aka DG..He is an amazing writer (though he doesn’t agree) and a beautiful soul.. 🙂
Let me first give you all a little background on how it actually you will get once you decide on reading it..this is a conversation that began with a rhyming text, moved and with a rhyming reply and continued for a lot more rhymes..!
It all started one fine sunday..I had just gotten up after being sick (literally) for around fifteen odd days..after all those viruses and bacteria, that were stuck up in my body for too long time, found it hard to struggle with those high doses of medicines..I was back to the normal life the brain was ready to process anything and everything it came across and the heart was pumping correctly..basically the job that all the organs were assigned to do were back in action..! 😛 Believe it or not but this entire conversation went on for around five-six hours with lots of breaks in between but no other word except what has been written below..Enjoy the ride.. 🙂 and for this one, you got to fasten your seat belts really tight! 😛
All I would like to say is THANKS DG for tolerating my insanity to that extent! 🙂 🙂


DG: don’t succumb to fever again

Because that would be a bummer…

eat plenty of fruits and grain

so that u don’t lose out on another summer…

build your body as your shield

It’s the only weapon u can wield…

Take care of your health

It’s your long lasting wealth..


SJ: I will take good care of my health sir..

N make it a point that I don’t fall again in the fate of fever..

I got to work..and work pretty hard..

So that I can go shopping with that money in my card..(lol) 😛


DG: so r v talking in rhymes

Its actually worth a dime…

I like your words..quick and witty

compared to mine…dull and shitty..


SJ: Those words ain’t shit..those are some golden ones..

I dun mind spending my time..

Writing rhymes with the chosen ones! 🙂


DG: that’s such a sweet thing to say

I am sure u always have your way…

you r as sweet as honey

adorable as a little bunny.. 😀


SJ : So much praise makes me blush..

now get to the facts, these words u gotta flush!


DG: these are facts I don’t know y would u think otherwise

I know better than tell to a beautiful damsel lies!!!

especially one who has a friend called pooji

whom I called sooji..

who wants to beat me to a pulp

whenever she acquires the knowledge to become the Hulk..



DG: I know its not my turn

but I could not resist the itch n burn..

don’t u think v folks are strange n crazy

talking in rhymes though v both are lazy!!:D


SJ: I am all laughters and giggles reading this..

N I would like give the pooji sooji thing a miss!

I wouldn’t have been able to resist too..

I would continue with this in some time as I got some work to do!


DG: I never meant to offend your friend

I like the way u defend..

sure go about your work

let me not keep u in a lurk!!!!


SJ: Work will continue..though m done with most of it..

Tell me where have u been hiding this talent till now..

Seeing your excellent rhyming..

All I can say is WOOWWW!!


DG: Ohh please don’t flatter me

my talent is not to rhyme but to b gibberish…

but your other poems I wanna see…

u have a surge that make your words lavish….


SJ: That’s quite a compliment from you I must say..

For that its thanks and warm regards I pay..

A few of my poems are updated on wordpress..

Trying to go slow n steady to avoid creating a mess!

Also don’t forget to drop in your lovely comments..

People just read across without writing a few words, inner me laments!


DG: u know u can never plan your words

so b spontaneous like a elephants herd..

your words online

are divine..

I like your thoughts process

caring, smart, happy but with some duress…

don’t let your heart lament

for lack of comments..

I will let u know what I like personally

would help me know hw u wrote them so artistically…

but m a bad critic..often failing to let my thoughts flow..

my words are not auric..and I don’t wanna deter your glow..


SJ: I love critics as much as I love those praises..

For both, I know in life, will take me places!

Keep reading through them at-least, enough to leave me with smiles..

The thought that I am not the only one walking those miles!


P.s- m sure we both have gone crazy doing the things we do..

This rhyming thing, how long are you planning to continue?

P.s 2- lets not stop this soon even if u feel done..

Coz m loving it..its super duper fun!!


DG: every one walks the same road as u

trying to find out sense in the accompanying view..

your smiles are what your friends desire

its a reflection of the inner fire…

I will continue as long as u want..

or till one of us cant..

I know its crazy and its fun

its like singing hot cross buns…


SJ: the company thing was not regarding the journey of life,

but the journey of blogging..

I thought there were no readers out there,

n I was the only one slogging!


DG: that’s the exact point I am trying to make

your words are yours and for no one else’s sake..

even if no one reads keep your spirits high

your words should cheer u and tell your frustrations goodbye…

u are seriously not bored of me??..

and don’t u have some thing to do u busy bee??..

don’t take me wrong

m loving it like a good old song…

I just wanna b sure

m not disturbing your leisure..


SJ: Ofcourse they cheer me..they fill me with delight..

They bring me back to life..when I start loosing its sight!

They make me smile,they make me giggle..

They make me sit, They make me wiggle!


SJ: I am not bored,

this is rather fascinating..

I have a few more things to do,

but nothing as exciting!


DG: that’s what I am talking about

the power..the strength..the clout..

what u said came straight from your heart

hits the bulls eye with an effortless dart..


SJ: On the other hand, I hope its not your time that I am wasting,

Coz you are the who should b busy with stuffs,

After all u r a hot shot doc in the making!


DG: even m fascinated by the craziness we share

the way we are letting our words lay bare..


SJ: The craziness like this is what I all day crave..

What else do u expect from a corporate slave!


DG: break the chains of slavery

lets do something full of bravery

go out and make a new discovery

unshackle the chain that make life rubbery


SJ: Oh! I wish we could do whatever we wanted..

But man there r spirits with which we r haunted..!

An urge to earn takes over your passion..

Pursuing hobby as a career is difficult n not much in fashion!

But today I have no regrets with life..

Coz with all the ups n downs it has been a beautiful strife..


P.s- I am going to save this conversation,

Since it has taken a lot of pain..

Trust me it has been overwhelming n joyful..

and I am going to read it over again n again..


DG: I know and I share your concern

this life is a burn…

in the end no one should have regrets

because only they prevent atonements..


DG: how are u planning to save it..

even I wanna relive it..

I never expected this day to be so bright

it has brought in a new refreshing light..


SJ: There is an option called e-mail conversation..

Which can be used to re-live the situation!

I too never expected the day to be such fine,

And i must say, the pleasure is all mine..


DG: its gonna be a long long email..

a literal conversational holy grail

i am so enjoying this..

if everyone could be like us I wish..



SJ: I will forward you the same n we will see its length..

Haha I can read the literal conversational holy grail..yes I have the strength!

Indeed there should be more souls to join..

Just hope wherever they r, they r doing just fine 🙂


DG: are u realizing the fact

both of us are hard nuts to crack..

we have kept our words flowing and our words rhyming..

like two trains on parallel tracks..

to be honest I don’t want another soul to join this conversation..

where we both are adding rhyming brick like poetic mansion…


SJ: Of course I realized it, realized it long back..

That both of us indeed..Are hard nuts to crack!

Lets see how far these rhyming trains move..

Till then both of us r totally on the groove!


DG: I like the groove

and the way your hands typing those words move..

never had a conversation like this in life

this is gonna stretch like a giraffe..

this is goona b epic

totally madly eccentric 


SJ: This is my first timer too..

N m really glad with the way we do..

This conversation and this day is gonna b a cheerful memory..

N together we r gonna make it..legen-wait fot it-dary..legendary 🙂 🙂


DG: damn girl I wanted to use that line

but no issues I will use another way to shine..

lets meet up some day some time

break bread and have some wine..


SJ: Yaay I used it first n now I shine..

You m sure will come up with a better line..

Well wine wouldn’t really be much of my taste..

N yeah we’ll catch at the right time..Why make a haste!


DG: who’s making a haste

I have all d time in the world to waste…

if wine does not suit your taste buds

what’s suits your thirsts…


SJ: I prefer sprite or diet coke with my food..

Yes we have all the time in d world dude!

Lets see till when our rhymes seem fit..

We will meet up soon and rock it!


DG: nice choice and it suits your appetite…

miss diet and petite..

don’t worry even if our rhymes are totally misfit

we are so gonna rock it..


SJ: We are going to rock it no matter what,

that’s what i meant..

I agree with your words..

cent percent 😀


DG: I have to lament

u have to excuse me for a moment..

I have to run a errand

give me some time for myself to fend..


SJ: Oh sure u can take your time..

There is absolutely no hurry..

We can continue it when you find time..

There’s nothing to worry! 🙂 🙂


If you have read this entire conversation and you are still in your senses, that means we (me n my writer friend) are deserving enough to live among the so-called-normal-people..and if not..then..well you still have to tolerate us..!! 😛 😛

Buon Compleanno Maddy!

This is for a beautiful flower of my amazing friend..killer soulmate..Madhuri aka Maddy! Buon Compleanno girl! Someone who matches my levels of stupidity and craziness..with whom I can chat non-stop.. literally!! You are amazing girl..glad to have met you in the journey of life 🙂 🙂


On your birthday, may all your dreams come true..

And may you shine bright..
here comes loads of wishes for you..

And a hug, big n tight..:D

Everytime I talk to you..

you make me full of smiles..

in this journey of life..

we’l surely go miles.. 😀 😀

You are a beautiful soul..

there ain’t many friends like you..

You will always be one..

of those special few.. 🙂 🙂

I love you a lot..(literally) 😛

in d ways i show n in many more ways..

u are one of the BEST things..

that happened to me in office days.. 🙂 🙂

I wish you all the happiness in the world..

Hope your day was great so far..

Wish you a very very happy birthday dear..

Always keep shining my STAR..:D 😀

The crap we talk,

The guys we stalk,

The way we shop,

The laughs we can’t stop,

We’l always be together,



Love ya!  <<simleywithheartsintheeyes>>

Yes..I feel happy, happier and probably the happiiessstttt 🙂
Three ANGELS of my life have been engaged recently and will soon be tying knots with their prince charming..
Rishika (my Janeman) , Sarda (Little Champ! ) and Manish (its actually Manisha but we prefer calling her Manish :p) 🙂 A bigg CONGRATULATIONS girlfriends 🙂

Past few days have been absolute delight..the fun in teasing your best buddies, hanging around with advises/suggestions on what they should/should not do or say (and learning in the process! 😛 )..going gaga over their fiancee..admiring all those gifts they give/receive..not leaving a chance to peek into their cellphones and reading their conversations (to get more information to tease them later!), listening to their love stories..on how they met and the entire journey..superfun! 🙂 🙂 At times I feel I am more excited than the love birds! 😛

This is a little gift of words from my side..(of’course u’l get a bigger one at the wedding 😛 )


Happy, thrilled, elated and overjoyed,

Its time for party and celebrations..

For finding the prince charming of your life,

I wish you heartiest Congratulations.. 🙂

I feel so happy and delighted..

To the entire world, I wanna scream..!

All I would like to say to the handsome guys..

(Saurav B. , Saurav S. and  Vivek)

Is “Welcome to the team!” 🙂

All my memories with you people,

shall be cherished and preserved..

May you get all the happiness and Love..

 that you always wanted and truly deserved 🙂

May your relationship be healthy and strong,

And you always be together in all the phases of life..

I wish you all the happiness in the world,

May you have the best-est days in life 🙂


Love you all..God Bless ya 🙂